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Apple Suspends Vision Pro 2, Aims for Cheaper Model as Vision Pro Global Rollout Begins

Vision Pro 2 development halted; Apple focuses on affordable model amid global Vision Pro rollout.

Apple reportedly suspended Vision Pro 2's development as it aims to release a cheaper model next year. Meanwhile, Vision Pro's global rollout starts on June 28, along with the debut of visionOS 2.

Apple Halts Vision Pro 2 Development to Focus on a More Affordable Model Expected in Late 2025

As reported, Apple's strategy for Vision Pro 2 has taken a turn. Initially slated for an August 2025 launch, the project has been put on hold, as reported by The Information. Instead, Apple is now focusing on a more budget-friendly version of the Vision Pro, set to debut in late 2025.

The information reports that the number of employees working on Vision Pro 2 has gradually decreased. Additionally, Apple has informed at least one supplier that work on the second-generation Vision Pro has been suspended.

The cheaper Vision headset's price is unknown, but to be discovered, information suggests Apple aims to sell it for approximately $1,500. The lower-priced Vision is expected to lack some features of the Pro model, though it will likely use the high-end display from the Pro. The less expensive version will reportedly have a simplified headband, smaller speakers, and fewer cameras. However, Apple faces challenges in reducing its prices without significantly compromising features.

The information also indicates that Apple may resume the development of Vision Pro 2, but the project is currently on hold to focus on the more affordable model.

Apple Unveils VisionOS 2 at WWDC 2024, Vision Pro Set for Global Rollout Starting June 28

WWDC 2024 began with the announcement of Vision 2, the first significant software update for the Vision Pro headset. The Vision Pro will be released in markets outside the United States later this month, starting with China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore on June 28. The device will be available in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia starting July 12.

VisionOS 2 brings a host of new features. The Photos app now leverages machine learning to convert 2D images into spatial photos with a single tap. Later this year, Mac users can look forward to new virtual monitor options, including comprehensive and ultrawide displays. These options will provide an experience akin to two 4K monitors side by side. Travel mode has also been expanded to include train journeys and airplane mode.

SharePlay now supports Personas, allowing users to watch videos, collaborate on projects, and work with other Apple Vision users in a virtual 3D space. A new touch gesture has been implemented to launch the control center. Apple has also collaborated with Canon to develop a novel spatial lens for its EOS R7 DSLR camera. Spatial videos can now be edited in Final Cut Pro and uploaded to the Vimeo app for Vision. Furthermore, Apple Immersive Video, a 180-degree 8K format, has expanded its partnership network to include Black Magic and RedBull.

Photo: Bram Van Oost/Unsplash

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