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Tesla to Launch Major Cybertruck Charging Upgrades Before Quarter's End

Tesla's Cybertruck to receive significant charging upgrades, resolving current issues.

Tesla is set to implement substantial enhancements to its Cybertruck charging capabilities by the end of the quarter, addressing issues of compatibility and overheating.

Tesla Announces Significant Cybertruck Charging Enhancements to Address Compatibility and Overheating Issues, Set for Quarter 2 Release

In a recent report by Teslarati, Tesla has indicated that it is prepared to implement substantial enhancements to its Cybertruck charging capabilities, which were first suggested in April.

In response to the concerns raised about the Cybertruck's compatibility with Superchargers, as highlighted by Out of Spec during its Ocean to Ocean challenge, Tesla has reassured its customers of its commitment to resolve these issues. The company has announced that it will implement a series of modifications to ensure that the all-electric pickup receives secure and sufficient charging, thereby enhancing the overall charging experience for its users.

The enhancements resulted from the Cybertruck exceeding a site's power limit and the charging cables overheating. Since the pickup traversed the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast, this resulted in complications with numerous pauses.

These issues were caused by Cybertruk's low state of charge (SoC) and insufficient current strength. Tesla has stated that it will address these issues in an Over-the-Air update in Quarter 2.

Tesla is working urgently to ensure it meets its goal of enhancing the Cybertruck's charging capabilities. With less than two weeks remaining in the quarter, the company is under a pressing time constraint to deliver its promise.

Tesla's Lead Engineer Confirms Upcoming Cybertruck Update to Resolve Charging Issues and Enhance Performance

According to Wes Morrill, the Lead Engineer of the Cybertruck project, the highly anticipated update is just around the corner. He assured me that it is "coming soon."

The charging issues were caused by a specific problem with the Cybertruck's charging trajectory, which allowed the vehicle to "unlock up to 154 miles recovered in 15 minutes." However, due to a bug in the Cybertruck, the charging rate was limited to a maximum of 100A, leading to the delays.

Tesla has faced many challenges since the Cybertruck was first introduced to consumers in November. As with any new product, there were some initial issues. However, with a proactive and diligent approach, the automaker is working to address these issues and releasing fixes as soon as they are available, demonstrating its commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Photo: TaurusEmerald, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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