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‘PUBG Mobile’ update: Patch 0.16.5 is expected to add the Extreme Cold Mode as Erangel 2.0 launch is still unlikely

From the live-action promo trailer of the “PUBG Mobile” map Vikendi. | Photo credit: PUBG Mobile/YouTube screenshot

Details on the new features and gameplay fixes to arrive in the “PUBG Mobile” update 0.16.5 are still scarce. But some reports believe that a new Extreme Cold Mode could be one of the n

PUBG Mobile’ update: What is Extreme Mode and will it arrive in Patch 0.16.5

Several patches that were released this year introduced new game modes that instantly became popular among “PUBG Mobile” players. If the speculations would later be confirmed, developers could introduce another way to enjoy the Battle Royale game in early 2020.

It should be noted, though, that developers have yet to announce the Extreme Cold Mode as an upcoming feature on “PUBG Mobile.” However, there are claims that the game mode has already gone live on beta for the game’s Chinese title known as “Game for Peace.” This is quite a reliable source of information, too, since several features were first introduced in the Chinese mobile game first before being provided to global gamers in “PUBG Mobile.”

Gamers Point Info reported that the Extreme Cold Mode’s gameplay basically puts players at odds with the weather. The rumored “PUBG Mobile” game mode uses the Vikendi map and can only be played by a team of four.

Some sources indicate that the Extreme Cold Mode would feature other items such as firewood that would be essential for players to survive the game. Firewood becomes one of the collectible loots along with the usual items like weapons, meds, and boosters.

If the typical “PUBG Mobile” game modes have airstrikes at certain points in a match, the Extreme Cold Mode will reportedly have a “dangerous storm” after every couple of minutes. Being exposed to this clime conditions would purportedly lower the players’ health like when they are outside the playzone.

PUBG Mobile’ update: When will Erangel 2.0 go live

The much-awaited gameplay feature that has been confirmed for several months now is the Erangel 2.0 – the all-new version of the in-game map with the same name. Developers are still mum when this will be released. Many fans are hoping to see it on patch 0.16.5 when it comes out in January 2020. Others believe the earliest possible time for the map’s launch could be February 2020 once patch 0.17.0 goes live.

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