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‘One Piece’ chapter 976 release date, spoilers: Supernova trio takes on Orochi alliance as war breaks out in Onigashima

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“One Piece” chapter 976 is really anticipated as Orochi and Luffy will finally face each other in a battle. The Straw Hats and Orochi’s group ‘s face-off will be historic and full of surprises as more revelations are expected to surface.

Moreover, this is a time where the Supernova trio consisting of Luffy, Law and Kidd is coming to defeat Kaido who teamed up with Orochi and Big Mom to form the beast pirates alliance. Needless to say, it will be an epic war with the scabbards on the side.


In the previous episode, Kanjuro was shown trying to flee as it was revealed that he is the traitor. Kinemon and the rest are in shock after learning he is the one who is backstabbing them for years. They couldn’t understand how and why Kanjuro keeps leaking their plans to Orochi.

At the Tokage port, all the straw hat members have already gathered and beast pirates were astounded to see the thousand sunny go because all along, they thought that they already destroyed that ship. The beast pirates were rejoicing after seeing Kyoshiro’s ship arriving at the port as well since he belongs to their team but they were shocked when he revealed that he is actually Denjiro, one of the scabbards.

He faked his identity to spy on Orochi and help the scabbards win the battle when the time comes that they have to bring him down already. Denjiro brought 1,200 fighters with him and they are obviously joining the raid to fight the beast pirates.


In “One Piece” chapter 976, the Supernova trio assembled along with Kinemon and Denjiro. They are now ready to face Kaido and Orochi; however, they are still a tough opponent to beat.

On Reddit‘s discussion forum for “One Piece” chapter 976, it was suggested that the only way they could bring Kaido down is to launch a sneak attack where they will use a strategy of attacking the enemies while they are not looking. They must plan something that they can do without the beast pirate’s knowing about the attack.

Release date

Otakukart reported that “One Piece” chapter 976 will be released on April 5. This is because the Eiichiro Oda decided to take a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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