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'One Piece' chapter 966 predictions: Brief Yonko-level battle between Roger and Whitebeard, Orochi-Kaido alliance

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All clues indicate that the upcoming “One Piece” chapter 966 will be one eventful chapter. There’s the possibility of a Yonko-level fight between Roger and Whitebeard, Oden’s entry into the Roger Pirates and the formation of an alliance between Orochi and Kaido.

Yonko Level Battle

One of the most exciting events that might happen in “One Piece” Chapter 966 is the brief Yonko-level battle between two powerful fighters. In the previous chapter, the two pirate groups Roger Pirates and Whitebeard pirate finally met and a brief clash between their powerful leaders is likely to happen.

In fact, it was Whitebeard himself who proposed to Gold D. Roger that the battle each other to death. It would be exciting to see what amazing abilities these two legendary figures might possess.

However, the clash is likely to be brief. In fact, it is likely not a battle to the death as Whitebeard had proposed.

Roger has more important things to do such as going after the legendary treasure One Piece. Meanwhile, Whitebeard will obviously survive this clash since he is alive to this day. This means that the clash, while no doubt exciting, won’t be fatal to both parties.

Oden Joins Roger Pirates

Another exciting possibility that could happen in “One Piece” 966 is that Oden might finally leave Whitebeard’s group and join Roger Pirates. It’s not exactly clear what will trigger this scenario but there’s a good chance that it will be initiated by Gol.

Gol has already expressed his interest in Oden as he is the first man who came out of Wano Country. He could be instrumental to his research on the whereabouts of the legendary treasure since Oden knows how to read Poneglyphs.

“One Piece” Chapter 966 spoilers from Otakukart mentioned a possible time-skip and Oden and Roger eventually reaching Skypiea Island. There’s also a good chance that the upcoming manga installment will reveal how Roger came to be known as the Pirate King.

With Oden deciding to ally himself with Roger, he will also be bringing his family with him. Thus, Toki and their young kids, Momonosuke and Hiyori, will be joining the adventure as well.

Kaido-Orochi Alliance

Meanwhile, conditions in Wano Country are ripe for Orochi’s betrayal. Having been elevated to the lofty status of Regent, he would do everything in his power to prevent Oden from becoming the Shogun upon his return.

One way to ensure he remains in power is to eliminate all those who are loyal to the Kozuki clan and replace them with his own loyal minions. In addition, he might be willing to get outside help by allying himself with the powerful Kaido, an alliance that survived to this day.

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