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‘Now You See Me 3’ release date, cast, plot: Everything confirmed and rumored about the next magic heist movie

From an official “Now You See Me 2” trailer | Photo credit: Lionsgate Movies/YouTube screenshot

“Now You See Me” has been one of the few movie franchises with an original story that saw quite a notable box office success in the past decade. Regardless of what other moviegoers say about the series, it cannot be denied that the franchise has acquired a cult following over the years, and it still has a fanbase eager to see “Now You See Me 3” get made.

New details about the next magic heist movie have been scant in recent years. However, around the second movie’s production and release, producers have mentioned several details that fans have been holding on to while waiting for “Now You See Me 3.”

Now You See Me 3’ production: Has the movie been announced?

In the pop culture media, when a movie or a show is said to have been “announced” it usually means that it is already set to enter production soon. As for “Now You See Me 3,” the more fitting answer would be that it has been partially announced.

Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer confirmed in spring 2015 that the production company has started to make early plans for “Now You See Me 3.” The second movie was not released until summer 2016. It is then safe to assume that when Feltheimer said that, the third installment’s status was very much tentative at the time.

However, the hope of fans was renewed when it was reported in late 2016 that Lionsgate had asked writer duo Neil Widener and Gavin James to pen the script of “Now You See Me 3.” This could mean that despite the sequel’s box office sales dip, Lionsgate was still very much planning to produce the third movie.

Unfortunately, that was the last concrete update about “Now You See Me 3.” It has been over three years now that fans have not heard any official word or even report from insiders that suggest that its production is moving forward.

Now You See Me 3’ release date: When to expect its premiere

Is it time to consider the possibility that “Now You See Me 3” will no longer happen? Maybe not yet – it should be noted that there is no definitive update about the movie’s cancellation.

On the other hand, if Lionsgate decides to offer more updates on the making of “Now You See Me 3” in the coming months, the fans might not see the movie premiere right away. If its production would begin in 2020, it might take at least a couple of years before it arrives on the big screen.

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