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‘Now You See Me 3’ release date in 2020 eyed by several sources; What could happen in the 3rd movie

From the trailer of "Now You See Me 2" | Photo credit: Lionsgate Movies/YouTube screenshot

The wait for “Now You See Me 3” extends to an all-new decade as updates on the third movie were very scarce in the latter part of the 2010s. However, fans of the movie franchise are not the only ones hoping for the series to continue. A couple of popular online sources are still eyeing the third movie to premiere as early as 2020.

‘Now You See Me 3’ production, release date

“Now You See Me” movies were some of the more memorable titles among the movies with original stories, a.k.a. not based on novels or other source materials. Even though it is not one of the best-selling titles of the decades, it still gathered a solid fanbase that is still eagerly waiting for the release of “Now You See Me 3.”

Any fan who Googled “Now You See Me 3” may have already found search results from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes that show a suggested 2020 release date for the movie. Before anyone gets their hopes up, it should be noted that these are most likely just online placeholders since the producers have yet to announce the movie’s cancellation.

The latest official word is that “Now You See Me 3” was in the early planning stage in 2015, while a report in late 2016 mentioned that Lionsgate has already signed writers to pen the script. Even the latter means that the movie is not even in the production phase yet. Even worse, these were the only updates fans heard about the third movie up until the end of 2019.

With that, fans should keep in mind that any release date window of “Now You See Me 3” they find online are either just placeholders or mere predictions only. But, as mentioned, there is still hope since Lionsgate has not yet scrapped the project yet.

‘Now You See Me 3’ plot predictions

The first two movies ended with resolutions to their main plots involving different adversaries. However, there are still many unanswered aspects of the overall story that could be explored in “Now You See Me 3.”

Both movies have foreshadowed the possible return of Dylan Shrike’s (Mark Ruffalo) father as it was repeatedly mentioned that his body was never found. His death played a huge influence in the first two films that it would not be a stretch for it to become the central plot for “Now You See Me 3.”

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