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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 258: Midoriya might get a new quirk

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There are a lot of exciting possibilities of where the manga’s plot could go in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 258. There’s the possibility of Midoriya getting a new quirk, of All Might and Stain’s arrangement being revealed or that the upcoming chapter might be the start of what might be a new arc or flashback.

Midoriya Might Get New Quirk

In the recently released chapter, All Might told Midoriya all of the quirks used by previous One For All users, save for the second and third users. The fact that it was mentioned could mean that the two users’ quirks might have very important roles to play, which might even be revealed in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 258 or later chapters.

Meanwhile, Midoriya likewise told All Might about his new Blackwhip quirk that he inherited from Daigoro Banjo. While he admitted it is a powerful support quirk, Midoriya also admitted that his mastery of the technique can’t yet compete with others’ restraining type quirk such as those of Hanta Sero or Shota Aizawa.

Eventually, the conversation veered into the topic of what MIdoriya’s next quirk might be. All Might said that it would be his master’s power called Float. Since it was already mentioned by All Might, it’s likely to be featured in the upcoming “My Hero Academia” Chapter 258.

All Might’s Business With Stain

While the students were having a blast with their work-study/brainstorm/hotpot party, Shota found All Might sitting alone outside. Apparently, the former number 1 Pro Hero is having some sort of a midlife crisis and was having doubts if he still has something to offer to the students.

Shota understood the powerlessness that All Might felt. “You can be here,” Shota offered. “For a lot of people, that’s all the push they need.”

Eventually, the two got down to business. Shota informed All Might that he received a message from Tsukauchi urging All Might to postpone his meeting with Stain. While it seemed a simple enough request, it’s highly possible that the powerful villain will have some connection to what happens next, which will hopefully be revealed in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 258.

A Flashback Or A New Arc Might Be On The Way

After Shota’s conversation with All Might, there seemed to be a time skip introduced into the plot. “March, end of the month, that day, heroes vanished from the city,” the narration read. There’s a scene that showed the inside of a hospital where the staff greeted a doctor entering the office.

It’s highly likely that it might be the start of a flashback where All Might will recall a certain incident when all heroes vanished. Knowing that Shota was just talking about Stain to All Might previously, it is highly likely that the villain might be the main subject in this flashback.

Meanwhile, some fans are thinking that it might be the start of a new arc. In fact, a Reddit user believes that the arc will start with a disaster. “Some pro heroes bite the dust while attempting to raid the hospital where Ujiko and Shigaraki are at,” user TheGamo wrote.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 258 will be released on January 26, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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