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Melania Trump shock: FLOTUS doesn’t want to vouch for Donald Trump at upcoming elections; POTUS hires Karen Pence

Shealah Craighead/Wikimedia Commons

Melania Trump has been criticized for not supporting Donald Trump as much as the other first ladies supported their respective husbands.

According to Political Flare, the POTUS doesn’t have the support of women, which he gravely needs if he wants to be re-elected in November. Since Trump is known for being a bully and for being rude towards women, the majority of female voters prefer to vote for his opponents.

The publication claimed that this is where the first lady should come in. Since she’s a woman herself, it is her responsibility to vouch for her husband and convince the public that they should re-elect him. However, for whatever reason it may be, the FLOTUS has refused to vouch for the POTUS.

This is where former Governor Karen Pence comes in. She will be responsible for encouraging women voters to consider writing Trump’s name in their ballots toward the end of the year.

While speaking with the Associated Press, Pence explained why she decided to join Trump’s team.

“I just feel like I want to do my part. This is so exciting for me,” she said.

However, Political Flare journalist Jason Miciak wants Pence to explain one very important thing before the elections. He said that if Trump is as great as Pence is claiming him to be, why doesn’t Melania want to vouch for him?

The first lady launched her Be Best initiative years ago, and it partially focused on cyberbullying. The FLOTUS has been criticized for trying to address the issue of bullying but refusing to stand up to her husband, who has been dubbed as one of the biggest bullies in the world.

As such, it is possible that this is also the reason why Melania doesn’t want to vouch for the POTUS. There are also claims that she doesn’t want her husband to get re-elected because this will postpone their divorce once again.

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