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Lockdown weight gain: Download the NHS 12-week weight loss plan

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Have you noticed how losing weight is much talked about these days? That's probably because the United Kingdom is slowly coming out from a three-month lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a couple of days, some business establishments such as hairdresser salons and barbershops, pubs, restaurants, museums, and churches will be allowed to open provided that they are "COVID-secure" as per the government.

Perhaps the idea that people can now go out, albeit still having to observe social distancing and wearing of face-covering, jolted many to the reality that they have gained weight.

Gaining weight during the lockdown is not surprising. We all tried to comfort ourselves amidst the pandemic by reaching out for our favorite comfort food. Unfortunately, most of these food are junk. And, with nothing much else to do as we stay locked in our homes for three months, most of us had chosen to spend more time on the couch than exercising.

Not all of us are like Adele, you know, who managed to shed off her unwanted pounds while in quarantine. Thus, the scramble to lose weight.

Not only because we want to look good when we go out, more like to fit into our clothes and also because we need to get back into being healthy and end the three-month indulgence.

The National Health Service (NHS) has come up with a weight loss plan, a 12-week diet and exercise program that will not only help you lose the excess weight safely but will also keep it off.

NHS developed the plan in coordination with the British Dietetic Association. And, you can download the program for all 12 weeks for free via the NHS website.

Aside from promoting a safe and sustainable weight loss, you will learn how to choose healthy food, get an exercise plan and learn how to prevent from regaining the weight you lost.

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