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Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx split: Suri Cruise’s mom reportedly splurged $75,000 as revenge plastic surgery after dumping cheating boyfriend

Photo by: Katie Holmes/Instagram

Katie Holmes is said to be splurging over $75,000 for plastic surgery after her split from Jamie Foxx. based on the report, this is a move to get revenge since the actor cheated on her with a younger celebrity.

As reported on NW Magazine, Suri Cruise’s mom allegedly underwent multiple surgeries to fix her appearance and this happened just before she attended the New York Fashion Week that took place this month. It was reported that the actress’s plastic surgeries were actually the subject of the talk during the fashion event which suggests that everyone already knows that Holmes went under the knife.

Exchanging the mommy looks for hotter one

The magazine stated that Katie Holmes was trying to ditch her “mommy looks” for a really “x-rated” makeover. She allegedly got Botox, lip fillers, facelift, rhinoplasty and procedure to define her jawline.

“It was the talk of the Fashion Week that she’s obviously gone hell for leather on the cosmetic procedures after splitting from Jamie,” the insider supposedly shared to NW. “Katie was overheard telling someone she is keen for a boob job too and wants to dial the sex appeal way up.”

Other reason for the cosmetic procedures

It was revealed that aside from revenge as Jamie Foxx has been unfaithful, Katie Holmes has another reason for getting plastic surgery. The insider said that the “Dawson Creek” star invested big money on her looks so she can get more movie projects. She wants to get hot roles thus she is doing everything to get in shape and eliminate her “sagging looks.”

But as it turned out, this is another false report about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. While it is true that the couple has broken up already, the part where it was claimed that the actress had cosmetic surgery is not true.

Gossip Cop debunked the report after reaching out to Holme’s reps and confirmed that it is a fake story. The fact-checking publication also called out NW many times before for publishing false news about the actress.

Meanwhile, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx ended their relationship last month after years of dating. They are not commenting on this but people close to them confirmed that they have parted ways. It is believed that the cause of their break up was the 21-year-old aspiring singer Sela Vave.

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