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Jennifer Lopez wants a royal on her wedding? Singer reportedly asks Meghan Markle to be her bridesmaid

Photo by: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez allegedly went out of her way to ask Meghan Markle to be part of her wedding entourage. Based on the report, the Duchess of Sussex was asked to be the singer’s bridesmaid on her upcoming wedding to Alex Rodriguez.

JLo and Meghan’s meeting

As per the story that appeared on NW magazine, JLo and Prince Harry’s wife got along really well when they met at an event earlier this month. The two were said to be sitting next to each other during the JP Morgan summit that was held in Miami, and the singer took the chance to ask Meghan to be her bridesmaid.

It can be recalled that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended JP Morgan's Alternative Investment Summit at the 1 Hotel in Miami, Florida, on Feb. 8, and they gave a speech on mental health. At that time, JLo and A-Rod were also there, and the two couples got to hang out together.

"Meghan and Harry spent time with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez while they were all in Miami," a source told Entertainment Tonight. "The couples were attending a summit by J.P. Morgan on Thursday and during the activities were able to spend quality time together."

Now, NW magazine is trying to give the idea that Meghan Markle and Jennifer Lopez hit it off so well that the latter got the chance to asked the former about being part of her wedding. The publication is also suggesting that with this request, the women’s relationship is going to the next level, which means they are getting really close.

Meghan’s response to JLo’s invitation

It was said the Duchess of Sussex was surprised to be asked to be a bridesmaid but told Jennifer Lopez that she will be honored to do so. It was added that the wedding is set to take place in the Dominican Republic, and the singer/actress could also copy the duchess wedding dress.

“They want to hire out a private island for the nuptials,” the insider supposedly revealed. “Jen would love to replicate Meghan’s dress too – she’s going or something simple, elegant and sophisticated.”

Gossip Cop steps in to clarify this report as it finds the story ridiculous. It pointed out that NW Magazine is not a reliable source of news, and in fact, it already published many items about Jennifer Lopez that were already proven to be false. It also checked out with JLo’s reps and was told the report is made up.

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