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Imanis Data Enhances Ransomware Security and Regulatory Compliance Offerings for Big Data

Growth Continues with Hire of Security Veteran as Chief Revenue Officer

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 01, 2018 -- Imanis Data, the leading provider of Big Data orchestration, mobility and protection, today announced enhancements to its ThreatSense™ Ransomware protection and regulatory compliance capabilities. The company also announced the appointment of security and compliance veteran Leo Hecke as Chief Revenue Officer to support accelerating customer adoption.

In 2017 alone, more than 5 petabytes of Hadoop and NoSQL data were compromised by Ransomware attacks, and 2018 is already looking like it will smash that record. Imanis Data’s ThreatSense leverages machine learning to dramatically reduce Ransomware risk and recovery cost with early detection of data anomalies that could signal an attack. Whereas Ransomware often goes undiscovered by companies for months or even years, ThreatSense can detect the presence of these attacks within hours, significantly reducing the cost and risk of data loss. Its latest updates include broader and more granular anomaly patterns like those seen in SamSam and WannaCry attacks.

“With the accelerating frequency and size of Ransomware attacks, such as those on the city of Atlanta and Boeing, enterprises must do more to protect their mission-critical Big Data from external threats,” said Imanis Data CEO John Mracek. “Imanis Data ThreatSense mitigates much of that risk by detecting attacks early before they can inflict significant damage.”

In addition to rapid Ransomware detection through ThreatSense, Imanis Data has also enhanced its robust compliance and governance capabilities, allowing companies to track, manage and mask personally identifiable information to meet compliance standards.  Expanded access controls, data placement, PII-masking and undersampling enable enterprises to tightly control access to their Big Data and protect customer information. These enhancements are especially timely in light of Europe’s May 2018 increased consumer data protection requirements through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“The GDPR represents additional consequences for organizations that fail to adequately protect personal data,” said Gartner Research Director Bart Willemsen. “Companies found in violation of the GDPR can be fined up to 4 percent of their global annual revenue or 20 million Euros, whichever figure is highest.”

“Imanis Data is actively helping our customers establish compliance by masking personally identifiable information and controlling access to customer data, thereby protecting companies from significant fines or being shut out of large markets.” said Imanis Data CRO Leo Hecke. “As we continue to scale Imanis Data’s robust capabilities, our goal is to help our customers remain fully secure and compliant in their Big Data assets.”

A veteran of the software industry, Hecke has over 25 years of experience with technology startups and enterprises. Before its successful acquisition, he served as Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Services at RiskVision, a security orchestration company whose risk intelligence platform calculated and reduced organizations’ risk as associated with vulnerability management, cyberattacks, IT risk and other compliance threats. Hecke has also held leadership roles at Composite Software, a data virtualization company acquired by Cisco; FICO, an analytics company; ILOG Corporation, a business process management company acquired by IBM; and numerous other startups.

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About Imanis Data
Imanis Data is the leading provider of Big Data orchestration, mobility and protection for NoSQL and Hadoop. Its machine learning platform enables customers to fully monetize and secure their Big Data assets while improving both product development and quality. Its software optimizes storage tiering and disaster recovery, streamlines cloud migration and compliance such as Europe’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and rapidly identifies security threats such as Ransomware attacks.  Imanis Data’s customers include leading Fortune 500 businesses in the retail, financial services and technology industries, among others. Imanis Data is located in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit

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