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How to get your money back if you got scammed

Getting scammed while trading or through any other method is definitely one of the most uncomfortable situations anyone could experience considering that is not only the issue of losing a certain amount of money, but also feeling vulnerable and know there are people who take advantage of anyone’s vulnerability.

While many believe this is a situation that doesn’t have too many solutions, the truth is that you can get everything solved not only in terms of bringing the legal justice to the person behind the crime but also getting your money back.

If you ever get scammed through a bank or any other method and don’t know what to do, here’s the way of getting your money back.

From trading

Nowadays, Forex trading is the most famous way of doing trading in the most efficient manner, considering that it offers different platforms that provide easier access to the international markets and the proper tools to operate in the smoothest manner.

While the Forex trading has more than $5 trillion in daily turnover and has a 24-hour availability, the ease of access comes with different pitfalls and flaws when it comes from the platforms that forex trading offers, given the fact these are not always regulated. This way, getting scammed is not as difficult as anyone could imagine.

Fortunately, there are different services that guarantee Forex scams refund. This way, even when trading is a financial operation that always have its risks, you can always run secure if you use any of these services, being PayBack one of the most famous.

In order to get your money back with this service, the first thing is to review every single detail of the case, meaning that you’ll have to collect the required proof and documentation and give it to this service. In addition, it is important to have the proper paperwork of the confronting companies themselves. This way, PayBack and other similar services will make the proper contacts and identify if it was a broker or a group the party that stole your money.

Believe it or not, these types of services are so efficient that Forex trading has gained more popularity since its existence considering that it made these financial operations more secure.

Whether it’s PayBack or any of its competition, once you sign up for one of these services you’ll be gaining the assistance of the most trained experts who have plenty of experiencing in dealing with these types of cases.

Getting scammed in any other manner

If it wasn’t through trading operations and it was actually the typical case of online scams, the truth is that getting your money back will depend on how you were parted from the cash.

For example, if you lost your money by sending it through your credit card, we’re talking about one of the easiest situations considering that most nations have some laws that protect the consumer from these types of crimes, even if the money was already sent to the scammer. Of course, it is worth noticing that the only types of scams you will get protected are those where you paid for certain goods or services and these were never available or the “seller” suddenly disappeared and never sent back the money.

On the other hand, if you send the money to the scammer through your debit card, you could actually ask your bank to send the money back through the famous chargeback scheme, which is part of the Scheme Rules which some participant lenders subscribe to. In fact, it applies to almost every single debit card transaction including goods that cost less than $100, even when exact rules could vary between, Visa, American Express and Maestro networks.

In case you used a bank transfer, the only way to recover your money is by contacting the back as soon as you noticed you were caught out by a scam which resulted in you transferring the money into another bank account. If you do this quickly, the bank could try and recover the funds you sent.

Finally, if the scam was made through PayPal, meaning that the scammer took payment for an item through it and never sent it to you, then you could be covered by the PayPal Buyer Protection. However, the delicate aspect of all of this is the fact there are some time limits and exceptions on lodging a claim.

For example, some scammers might set up the most convincing looking PayPal payment forms which could gather your bank details. In this case, there’s absolutely nothing you could do to get your money back.

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