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How to Tell if a Resume Writing Service Has Fake Reviews

Regardless of how great of a professional you may be, knowing how to create a perfect resume that will land you a job can sometimes be hard. The most reasonable solution in such a case may be to have someone write a resume for you. It should be easy, right? You go online, look up reviews, and place an order?

Theoretically, yes, but in reality, many resume writing services have fake reviews online to boost their presence and allure new clients. To make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible, you should know how to tell if a review is real or not, and we’ll tell you what makes fake reviews stand out.

1. Typos and mistakes

Although there are many ways to tell fake reviews from real ones, doing so can usually be easier than you might think. In many cases, fake reviews are never proofread, revised, or edited, which leaves them reflecting extremely poor levels of grammar.

If a resume writing service has the majority of reviews that do not seem to be too well-written, you should probably move on to another website for placing your order. Just think about it, no matter how great and informative a piece of writing is, lack of proper grammar only shows negligence.

Here is an example of most possibly fake Zipjob reviews. Why we think so? Who would place real and objective reviews on their own website about their own services?

2. Too generic and positive

Let’s be real, no website, product, or person is perfect, which is why seeing exclusively positive reviews for a resume writing service should seem at least a little bit concerning.

Besides, people who write paid reviews do not have too much time to go into details about a custom resume service. If a review says that the writers simply “did a great job,” you should probably look for another review.

Here is an example of most possibly real Zipjob resume reviews and an overview of an expert. You can see a real person standing beyond this website, she is a real expert in resume writing. We found that online about her, she has dozens of articles on resume writing. This page can be found online easily, so these reviews are 99% real.

3. Too many reviews from one customer

Considering the importance of online reviews on the choices we usually make as consumers, it should come as no surprise that some people choose fake review writing as their career path. The profiles of such professionals will be extremely likely to have way too many reviews.

Let’s be real, one person can only buy and order so much stuff, especially when it comes to a resume, and if someone posts a dozen comments a day, you should seriously think about how many of them are genuine. While some of the review contributors (you can also call them “influencers”) post many honest reviews, you should beware of accounts that make too many posts within a short time frame.

4. Lack of information

Some people might say that the more concise a review is, the lower are the chances of it being fake. However, when you’re looking for some of the best reviewed resume writing services, you should think about how much true information can a paid reviewer give compared to a real customer.

If it doesn’t seem like any personal experience is mentioned in the text, and no specific information is presented, you probably shouldn’t trust such a review. Paid review writers only have access to the information that’s already out there, so be sure to look for what only a real customer may know about. And you can also find real comments on Quora and Reditt, like these TopResume reviews, they look more legit and real than those comments that TopResume posts on their website.

5. Usefulness of each review

Regardless of how many comments a writing service might have online, there’s a chance that not all of them will be useful. While going over the testimonials, be sure to notice whether or not you gain some valuable information about a service from them.

If a review only mentions the information that you could’ve found elsewhere (or on the resume writing website itself), it doesn’t seem useful per se, does it? More than that, be sure to check the rating of each individual review to know what other potential or current customers think.

6. Use free online tools

Considering how the technology has developed over the recent decades, and how critical the issue of fake reviews has become in the sphere of online shopping, it comes as no surprise that multiple online platforms offer tools for differentiating real comments from paid ones.

Just like with Amazon, many custom resume writing services may order fake reviews for their services to boost their online presence and seem more appealing to potential customers. However, such websites as Fakespot and ReviewMeta use artificial intelligence to do the job for you.

If you are not sure you can highlight the best side of your skills and experiences in the resume, it can be a good option to request professional help for doing so. The same thing applies to grammar rules of your resume, if you don’t know them, avoid writing a resume yourself. To make sure you’ll receive the best possible outcomes, do not forget to check the customer reviews before placing an order.

Besides, keep in mind that some of the comments may not be genuine, so you should remember the points mentioned in the above article.

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