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How Do I Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

In Texas, there were 842,055 crimes reported in 2017. The state is full of people who could benefit from working with a criminal defense lawyer. If you are facing charges, you should start looking for an aggressive legal professional. All of the following tips can help you pick the right lawyer.

1. Look for Someone Who Specializes in Criminal Law

It’s crucial for you to find an attorney who specializes in criminal law. Even more importantly, you should find one who has experience with your type of case.

Criminal law is a broad topic that includes everything from misdemeanor DUIs to felony homicides. It’s difficult for an attorney to be adept at every aspect of criminal law. For that reason, you should look for someone who has experience in your type of criminal activity. They are more likely to understand the law and may be more capable of beating the charges.

2. Find Someone Who Listens to You

You need an attorney who will really listen to what you have to say. If they don’t listen to you, they can’t know how to defend you.

Before picking an attorney, schedule some time with them. Take advantage of a free consultation or speak with them over the phone. As you do, pay attention to how they interact with you. Do they constantly interrupt you? Do they speak down to you?

If you’re not comfortable with the lawyer, you should reconsider working with them. You and your attorney will work closely together. If you don’t have a good relationship, your case could be in jeopardy.

3. Get to Know the Office Staff

Your attorney isn’t the only one who will work on your case. No matter how small a firm is, they have other members of the team. Find out who will be your supporting team. This usually includes secretaries, paralegals, and administrative staff.

Ask if you can meet with some of the supporting staff members. If you like what you see, then you might have found the right firm.

4. Do Your Research

You deserve the best legal representation you can get. And to find that, you need to do some research. This means asking around for recommendations and reviews. An experienced and aggressive lawyer will have a great reputation.

There are other ways to do your research. For instance, you can look online for reviews. Social media, directories, and websites can be useful resources. You should read what other people have to say about a law firm or an attorney. When you see multiple great reviews, you should consider working with them.

5. Avoid Lawyers that Make Guarantees

A lawyer should never guarantee an outcome. Although you might have a strong case, there is no way to say for sure how your case will end. There are too many factors that can affect the outcome. For instance, a judge could throw out crucial evidence.

Therefore, a lawyer that makes guarantees is probably not being honest with you. You should think twice before working with them. If they’re willing to lie to you about your outcome, what else would they lie about?

If you need an attorney, you should contact Cole Paschall Law. With experience in criminal defense cases, Cole Paschall has the tenacity needed to fight your charges. With him by your side, you can fight for justice.

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