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How 5G Will Contribute To Gaming Industry

Several technological innovations have transformed the gaming industry, making it better. Nowadays, gamers enjoy more immersive games, better customer service, and secure payment options. Additionally, it has enabled online casinos to offer more betting options, for example, a well known platform like Betway, which offers players more than 150 markets to wager on. There is one technology that has the potential to completely transform the gaming industry – the 5G technology.

How will 5G technology transform the gaming industry?

5G Lowers Latency

With 5G technology, latency drops from 20 milliseconds to 5 milliseconds. This might not seem like a significant difference, but you will notice the difference as you play your games online.

With this technology, gamers can enjoy multiplayer games of whatever kind without worrying about latency issues. Top gamers have tested the technology, and the results were amazing.

5G Means Faster Downloads

5G is also really fast. If you look at it from a peak speed viewpoint, 5G is 20 times faster than 4G. What does this mean? The time you use to download one piece of data with 4G, you can do it 20 times faster if you have a 5G connection.

5G Will Boost Cloud Gaming

Where 4G failed, 5G has the capacity to succeed. Initially, cloud gaming experienced challenges as the 4G network could not receive and send signals at the required speeds to ensure real-time play. Because this was challenging, the game's data had to be saved and processed on the gamer’s smartphone.

But, 5G supports internet speeds of up to 1Gbps. This means that cloud servers can be effectively used to manage online gaming. Also, with 5G, there will be no need for the server to sync with individual devices for certain games.

When it comes to downloading games, the 5G network will help you download 10 games while the person with the 4G is still waiting for the first half of one game to download.

5G Will Release the Real Potential of VR

Some experts argue that 5G would remove the “virtual” from VR, presenting a new dimension of gaming reality. How is that?

As mentioned earlier, 5G means low latency and faster speeds. This means that more processing power can remain in the cloud. As a result, this sets the VR headsets free from cords and enables game graphics to be seamless. Gamers will also experience higher res than they have ever done.

This will benefit online casinos like Betway as they look to improve their client experience. This technology makes it easier for them to offer more sophisticated games to their members.

5G Will Transform Online Gaming

Recent gaming trends have shown that most gamers are social. This explains why there has been a rise in multiplayer games. However, the 4G network limitations meant that gamers could not fully enjoy the games they wanted to play.

However, the introduction of the 5G network will eliminate the issues of lagging of dropped frames. Moreover, the 5G network can handle internet traffic better, especially in urban areas. Overall, 5G will make the online gaming experience better.

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