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GoPro Hero 8 release date: Rumors suggest that the company has been listening to its user base

Photo via Screenshot of GoPro/Youtube

The GoPro Hero 8 is expected to arrive next month, but news about the device is few and far in between. The rumors, on the other hand, are plenty.

The latest of which claims that the GoPro Hero 8 will come with a brand new design that can house accessories like a mic, LED light, a mountable screen, and more. These improvements appear to be the company’s way of telling its user base that it’s been listening to their requests.

The Hero 7 has been criticized for its poor audio pickup, unimpressive performance in low light areas, and the lack of a front-facing camera. Now, the GoPro Hero 8 is addressing these concerns and then some, Photo Rumors reported.

GoPro Hero 8 outfitted with a new processor

Under the hood, the GoPro Hero 8 will supposedly have the new GP2 chip that can further enhance its performance under low lighting, as well improvements on video stabilization and zoom-in quality. The next iteration is also capable of shooting 4K video at 120 fps and a full HD video 480 fps. A 12 MP sensor has also been mentioned, but the rumors said that the feature remains unconfirmed.

The bad news is that the leak information didn’t mention any battery upgrade for the GoPro Hero 8. Sure, you can opt to carry around a power bank to extend shooting time, but that’s not always an option. Add the fact that shooting at higher video footage would drain the battery much faster, and a battery upgrade becomes all the more crucial.

GoPro Hero 8 should be priced competitively

Hopefully, the San Mateo-based company has planned something about the GoPro Hero 8’s shooting longevity as it’s one of the most requested upgrades by the community thus far. There’s also no mention about the price of the device, but it will likely mirror what’s been given to the Hero 7. The competition in the action camera market is becoming crowded what with the emergence of the DJI Osmo Action.

The device is currently priced at $299, having its original cost slashed by $50. With the GoPro Hero 8 expected to maintain the company’s lead in the action camera market, it needs to stay within a competitive range to attract more buyers. A $400 price tag for the new version would be welcome, although this could get bump higher if the company has outfitted the camera with more features to justify the cost. As for when it will be available, there’s a high chance that it will come out in September.

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