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GoPro Hero 8 release date: Next iteration should have a forward-facing screen

Photo via Screenshot of GoPro/Youtube

The GoPro Hero 8 is expected to shake the action camera niche as the next iteration will surely bring new features that will delight users. Unfortunately, there’s still no legitimate leaks that have surfaced on the web, so it’s difficult to predict what’s going to be outfitted for the upcoming entry.

But if the San Mateo-based company listen to the community’s request, then we may see some of the specs that are highly discussed on the web make its way to the GoPro Hero 8. One of the things that people have been requesting is a forward-facing screen that can help orient people when taking videos.

Vloggers, particularly those who are constantly traveling, will definitely welcome this feature, although users, in general, will undeniably be pleased as well. Another highly requested upgrade out there is for the GoPro Hero 8 to have a wider screen.

GoPro Hero 8 and an edge-to-edge display

Looking at the Hero 7, there’s clearly some unused space for the company to take advantage of. Utilizing that dormant real estate and providing an edge-to-edge display for the GoPro Hero 8, similar to the trend that’s sweeping the smartphone market, will be another welcome addition.

An improved mic for the device is also another improvement that the action camera manufacturer should focus on. If not that, then perhaps a direct mic port to the GoPro Hero 8 itself should be implemented to avoid setting up a clunky adapter.

Bringing back the video + photo capture feature should also be heavily considered. The company has been widely criticized by users in the past after it removed the feature for no apparent reason. For the unaware, the GoPro 5 is capable of recording video and capturing photos at the same time. This feature was removed for the Hero 6 and was notably absent in the Hero 7 as well. GoPro Hero 8 is in a position to bring this option back and could prove popular to a lot of people who are constantly creating content for their audiences.

GoPro Hero 8 will unlikely provide 8K video capture option

Meanwhile, an 8K video capture feature is unlikely to make its way into the eighth iteration on account that computers that are able to handle such graphics aren’t ubiquitous yet. Most computers are even struggling to hand 4K content, let alone twice that load. So don’t expect the GoPro Hero 8 to include this feature.

Of course, it’s important to remember that these are merely requests made by users and not actual plans by GoPro itself. Fortunately, there are only a few more months before the GoPro Hero 8 arrives since it’s highly likely to hit the market this coming September.

By J Russ Isberto
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