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Football Sports News Wrapping 2019

Towards the end of 2019, there is much for a football enthusiast to catch up on – from football gossip to news of players getting transferred to other teams in the forthcoming year. For instance, Manuel Pellegrini is to take charge for the game of West Ham that the group is scheduled to play on the opposite side of Crystal Palace, on Boxing Day.

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This club is planning to bid for Josh Maja who plays forward for Bordeaux and was also associated with Sunderland before. Maja is known as Nigerian international, and at twenty he joined in Bordeaux this year. After that, he scored about 17 goals on behalf of Black Cats team; he has also netted goals seven times on behalf of France. These are achievements that are highly rated for such a youngster; he has also been linked for movement to Premier League teams.

Chelsea is also looking at Ben White, a Brighton centre back; he is on their list of wanted players, and he would be taken up for transfer when the window opens, for a value of £25m. White is on-demand at Liverpool as well since his performance caught the eyes of the management at Leeds when he was given on loan during the summer season. It is believed that the performance he gave had helped to make the White’s campaign an excellent one.


The hierarchy at Arsenal is supposedly making it difficult for candidates to become managers since they would not be backed for transfer. Gunners are hunting for someone to take on the position of head coach for the club since Unai Emery was sacked last month. Freddie Ljungberg meanwhile is heading this position in the interim period. Arsenal is said to be interested in Nuno, but they have not approached Wolves to gain permission for the same. The Portuguese has been one of the top targets of the club, but it is unsure whether the club would pursue the matter.

Mikel Arteta is also considered to be a prime candidate for this position, and there have been reports of the chiefs having visited him at his Manchester mansion recently. Mikel seems suitable for the profile since he has worked in assistant role with Pep Guardiola as well as his previous stint with the Gunners.

Bayern Munich

This club is looking to sign on Philippe Coutinho permanently on the sign on loan. This is what the players are urging the club management to do since the Barcelona star had displayed great performances this year, including the match that he helped his club win against team Werder Bremen which was played in the second weekend of December. Coutinho has a brief stint with Bayern before when he was on loan during summer months. He flourished with this team and hence, it is only fitting that they would want him on a permanent role.


This team has Moise Kean for the summers briefly, as a substitute player against the team Manchester United. It is rumoured that he might be leaving Goodison Park since his role with the Toffees was never established; hence, Duncan Ferguson, the interim boss at Everton would be in talks with him.


This team has its eyes on Rhian Brewster, a wonder kid from Liverpool. He is set to be on loan with this team from January. Steve Cooper is the manager of the Welsh Club, and he had also coached Brewster when he was part of the under 17s with England. However, Brewster is on with Leeds United more since he is on the lookout for more active game time.


The boss of the national team, Didier Deschamps is urging the striker, Olivier Giroud to end his association with Chelsea. There are rumours of the striker moving to Inter Milan. The main reasons are the want for the game time which Giroud has been struggling for at Stamford Bridge. That was this season since Frank Lampard favoured Tammy Abraham and Michy Batshuayi was chosen in several games as a backup striker.

Match between Man United and Man City

The Carabao Cup is also in progress in December 2019. The opening goal by Marcus Rashford got the fans excited, especially since Manchester United was able to beat Manchester City in the semi-finals match. Leicester City takes on Aston Villa in this tournament as well. The tied matches would be played during the 6th and 27th of January.

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