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Filipinos in Australia: Why Many Filipinos Choose to Move to Australia

Australia is the home to picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches and many indigenous cultures along with some great employment opportunities. No wonder why more and more people from South East Asia are moving to Australia year after year, especially the Filipinos. The reasons for their migration could be numerous, but one thing that remains common is the hope for a ‘Better Future.’ Australia enjoys the reputation of one of the best countries in the world to live- all thanks to the country’s strong economy, high standard of living, modern lifestyle and a lot of other benefits. And that’s possibly why the country has constantly been attracting the people from the Philippines so much so that purportedly Filipinos are the fifth largest population in Australia.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons why many Filipinos choose to move to Australia:

Better employment opportunities

There has been a substantial economic growth in Australia over the last few decades making it a favorite spot for large industries to set-up their businesses. Australia is the hub of numerous employment opportunities, and this is why many skilled and low-skilled workers from the Philippines migrate to Australia hoping for career growth and a better future. The jobs aren’t just well paid, but the employment practices are also considerably fair. Apparently, the job satisfaction level found in Australian employees is much higher than those who are working in companies based out in the Philippines.

Advanced Healthcare system

The healthcare system in Australia is regarded the best in the world as it offers an array of healthcare benefits to its citizens and Australian PR holders. Once you get yourself enrolled in Medicare, you get free medical services in public hospitals, subsidies medicines, and low-cost treatment in private hospitals. These amazing facilities are especially beneficial for large families and to avoid paying a huge part of the income on healthcare services; many Filipinos move their base to Australia.

World-class education system

The Australian education system is not just based on academic rankings, but it pays equal weight to a lot of other factors including communication, learning, sports and co-curricular activities. Besides, the government-owned schools and colleges provide free or subsidized education. Many Filipinos study in the High-class universities of Australia for their post-graduation degrees so that they can easily find a well-paid job right after finishing college.

Hassle-free money transfer

So many Filipinos live and work in Australia so that they can help their families settled in the Philippines. With so many reliable options available when you need to send a little cash home, cheering up your family and friends has never been simpler. One such great option is the Ria Money Transfer that allows you to send money to the Philippines at very affordable rates. You can use their services 24 hours a day without any hassle and no matter which part of the world you live in, with the world-class service of Ria money transfer, you’ll always feel close to your family and loved ones.

Easy Visa process

Many Filipinos choose to shift their base to Australia as their visa process is one of the most seamless in the world. The formalities and requirement when applying for an Australian Visa are much simpler as compared to other countries including the USA and Schengen.

Entertainment culture

One can easily achieve work-life balance in Australia as there are plenty of entertainment options available including sporting events, opera house performances, and other recreational activities that provide a piece of mind after spending a hectic day at work. Besides, many Filipinos are attracted to the pleasant weather, exotic beaches, and beautiful landscapes in Australia.

When it comes down to it, many Filipinos migrate to Australia to start a new chapter of their lives. After all, who doesn’t like a more laid back, comfortable and carefree life!

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