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Esports Betting in Online Casino Malaysia

Just like any other countries in the world, Malaysia is a great place that has a passion for offering various kind of wagering, which includes esports betting. It is slowly increasing and become an important part in any online casino site Malaysia. Esports betting offers you fun and interesting experience where you can place your bet anytime and anywhere at your ease. The Coronavirus pandemic is changing our society, we have to change our habits of life. Our lives are changing rapidly too due to the development of technology too. A lot of events and sports games got cancelled or postpone due to the pandemic. Fortunately, esports is still here as most of the online tournaments are still happening all over the world.

Best Online Casino in Malaysia for Esports Betting

Here we are sharing some great place that allows you to bet esports games online. One of the safe and trusted sites is Enjoy11 Malaysia. You may check on their website if you are interested to put your wager in Enjoy11 online casino Malaysia. A good betting site will offer you the best odds and a wide range of esports games in the market. Some online casino in Malaysia will also give their new and existing gamblers free bonuses and exclusive promotions. For instance, you can claim for welcome bonus, extra credits will give you to when you top up, and also free credits return when you get your first loss.

Basic Things in Esports Betting Malaysia

There are a few of betting strategies you can follow if you need something to help you make extra profit in online betting Malaysia. There are no esports betting tips are secrets by means, but following our advice may help you increase your winning chances. For those gamblers that don’t follow any of the strategies, are usually judged as “squares” and they are kind of gamblers where the sportsbooks or online casino make profits from them.

Do Your Own Research

This is the important strategy that you must follow. Always make your own research before place your wager. If you want to make money from your betting game, take some time to study and do your homework, so that you can understand the game well, the team playing, analyze the past games and look at the state. From this, you will be able to ensure and determine the value of your wager.

Look for Tips and Predictions Online

We believe for the gamblers, tips and predictions might be able to assists you when you making decisions. Some of the famous games that people always seek for tips are include Dota 2 predictions, League of Legends predictions, CS: GO predictions, and predictions for Overwatch game. There are a lot of platform you can find on the internet, pick a site with good reputation and update regularly, so that all the information are fresh and helpful.

Bet Patient

We know that you might feel like want to try as much as possible when you start gambling online. But what we advise to you here is, don’t do so. Be patient and wait for the event or matches with decent odds. Don’t force yourself to place a bet on esports games. Just do it when you feel confident to do so. Everything is not in rush, just have a mature mindset when comes to gamble online.

Never Go for “All In”

You need be wise in order to plan your financial. If you want to have fun and go for esports betting in online casino Malaysia. Please be sure that the money you spent is some extra money where you ready to lose. This is because there is not guarantee in gambling. Hence, don’t go “all in”, this is very risky. Leave when you reach your limit. This is all for your own good, be responsible when you gamble. There are a lot of cases happen out there due to gambling addiction. This will not only will harm yourself but to your family too.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Control Your Decisions

Don’t play online gambling games when you have bad emotions such as sorrow or angry. This might affect your judgement; mistake might be made and lead you to lose. Make a step back, take a break and place your wager again when you’ve calm down and rational. A fresh mind is something you need especially when you need to do analysis and making decision.

Best Esports Games to Bet On

Esports is consider relatively younger generation game. It has taking over the world in the 21st century. Out of so many video games online, the following are some of the games that has great staying power that widely love by the public. Here we are going to some of the famous esports games in 2020.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Dota 2

  • League of Legends

  • Fortnite

If you don’t know any of the esports game as mentioned above. You may watch some review videos from the internet or perhaps can register an account and start explore esports game. Hence, you can gather some experience and be familiar with the structure of the game and help you in your esports betting journey. Things that make an esports game are always the skill expression, the popularity of the game and viewing experience.


There are nobody loves losing when come to betting in online casino. Know what you are playing is the first key for you in order to be victorious. Ask yourself do you actually love esports and betting, can you afford in playing casino games during your free time, any idea about where you can place your wager? Make sure you understand the nature of the game before you start. Try Enjoy11 Malaysia if you don’t have any idea where to start with. If you have any queries, kindly contact their customer support agents. Hope all the comprehensive information can help you in your gambling experience. We wish you all the best here while playing esports betting in Malaysia.

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