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DuraScience Institute of USA Blazing a Path in the Medical Sciences Field

The history of science has been punctuated by breakthroughs that have propelled human progress in leaps and bounds. From as far back as the third century B.C., we have Euclid’s 13 volume treatise on geometry called “The Elements”. As every century moved forward, humans continued to accumulate wisdom, building on the efforts of previous greats. The heliocentric model of the solar system, first use of controlled experiments, gravity, microorganisms, electricity, nuclear fission, DNA, microprocessors…the list rapidly expands as we approach our current year.

Even in light of these great discoveries, scientists have been revealing new ways of thinking that are impacting every facet of our lives. Artificial intelligence, genome sequencing, nanotechnology, immunotherapy and others are transforming our very way of thinking. It is in this vein of revolution that one company, DuraScience, is looking to create a new paradigm of health and wellness.

DuraScience Institute of USA is an organization whose mission is to complete the journey from pure science to applied science. Its international roster of certified researchers is applying this new paradigm to the field of study known as longevity. Here, longevity isn’t simply to increase the quantity of human life, but also improve the quality of life simultaneously. Their DuraScience Mandatory Solution (DMS) has as its goal the pursuit of a pleasurable life, with all that entails.

Back in the Bronze and Iron Age, human lifespan (measured as Life Expectancy at Birth, or LEB) was a mere 25 years. In 2010, it was up to 67.2 years. Certain countries such as Japan stretch it out to 83 years. Advancements in science have helped us overcome and prevent many diseases that once were fatal, even eradicating some completely (smallpox and soon polio). The growing number of centenarians and supercentenarians around the world is a testament to the power of science.

Besides longevity, humans have four basic requirements to live a fulfilled healthy life. DuraScience is tackling these challenges at the cellular level in order to expand human capacity in each stage of life without detriment to overall health. The four factors DuraScience identifies are: overall health of body, health of skin, body shape and hormonal balance. Its team of experienced researchers are leveraging these four factors to design the perfect human for the future. Indeed, in order to accomplish the goal of achieving the ideal genetic traits for this future human is not computer technology but biology.

The first factor of the overall health of the body is not a new one. In ancient civilizations such as China, physicians understood that health was inextricably tied to harmony and balance. But the irony is that as science progressed, the industry moved away from this philosophy. Science had indeed been able to drill down into smaller and smaller increments; the cell, components of the cell, DNA. Western medicine became proficient at treating symptoms or acute diseases. Meanwhile, chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease and cancer grew in prominence. DuraScience believes that only a holistic approach that views the body as a system working in harmony can restore real, lasting, effective health. To that end, its researchers are blending the most cutting edge findings with systems that have withstood the test of time. The results is the DuraScience Mandatory Solution.

The condition of a person’s skin, the second factor, is viewed more as a cosmetic issue in our day and age. Countless creams, injections and minor surgeries try to address issues that reflect on a person’s perception of their physical attractiveness. Yet, few remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body. And as an organ, it will reflect not just a person’s attractiveness but the state of their well-being. Healthy, vibrant skin is a result of approaching the problem from a completely different framework. Thus, DuraScience developed the Derma Transcendence Matrixes (medical version) (DTM).

Similarly, there is a whole industry around trying to sculpt a person’s body into what they view as the “ideal” self, which is the third factor. Tummy tucks, fast fad diets and newfound lasers promise quick and easy paths to beauty. But just like the skin, a person’s physical weight and fat composition is a reflection of their overall health. Poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle have led to an obesity epidemic. All the current solutions on the market are addressing the symptoms and not the root causes. DuraScience’s Body Alteration Matrix (BAM) was created to help everyone achieve their best possible individual shape.

Finally, the fourth factor is hormonal balance, especially as it relates to women. The estrogen hormone is the key contributor of feminine beauty and health. If there is an estrogen imbalance, women are more likely to suffer from both physical and mental discomfort such as stress, inflammation, genetic conditions and immune system disorders. DuraScience has created a Feminine Rejuvenation Matrix (FRM) to restore youth and turn back the block. FRM’s goal is to help women look healthy from the inside out.

The common thread interwoven through all four areas of research for DuraScience is a willingness to think outside the box and approach the problem with a new framework, utilizing all the latest research breakthroughs. As their studies continue, the medical science field stands to benefit, as do all people.

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