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‘Dragon Ball Super’ chapter 58: Goku shows Moro the moves he practiced with Merus

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Fans are already hyped for the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58 release date, which will arrive later this month. With Goku’s confrontation with Moro inevitable, fans are hopeful that the hero will reveal just how powerful he has become after his training.

Goku shows Moro his moves

In the previous “DBS” manga chapter which can still be read online on MangaPlus, it was shown that Goku finally reached earth. Since Goku is the reason why Moro is invading Earth in the first place, the wizard likely knew of his arrival and will be meeting him in “Dragon Ball Super” 58.

What got fans excited is that there’s a chance that they will finally get a glimpse of Goku’s new power in the upcoming manga installment. What is known is that Goku has been training really hard with the angel Merus just so he could beat the most powerful wizard in the universe.

However, fans still do not know just how powerful he has become after his training. Does he really have what it takes to defeat Moro? That’s a valid question since the wizard is probably the toughest opponent he has met so far.

In the past, it took the combined efforts of the Grand Supreme Kai and the South Supreme Kai to defeat Moro, which shows just how powerful he really is. Even though he was defeated, both Kais can’t kill him and he was just sealed away.

Vegeta’s power level

But even if Goku might be having a hard time against Moro, Earth will still have one more defender to rely on. In fact, Vegeta might already have sensed Goku’s return and will certainly teleport himself back to the planet the moment Goku goes up against Vegeta in “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58.

What’s interesting this time is that the manga’s plot has been building up Vegeta’s character in this arc. In fact, there are speculations that Vegeta might already be as strong, if not stronger, that the current Goku.

Aside from Vegeta’s drastically increase power level, the manga also teased fans about his new technique that he specifically trained in just to defeat Moro. While it’s probably too early to expect Vegeta to show it in “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 58, fans can’t help but wonder just what kind of technique it might be that it can even defeat the likes of Moro.

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