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‘Dr. Stone’ chapter 171 release date, spoilers, predictions: Will Xeno and Senku solve the Whyman mystery?

From the “Dr. Stone” season 1 anime trailer | Photo credit: TOHO animation / YouTube screenshot

Things are starting to become much more interesting in “Dr. Stone” chapter 171 as Xeno and Senku agree to collaborate on a project that involves one of the biggest mysteries in the series. Together, the two best scientists in the new world may soon unravel new information about the cryptic character only known as the Whyman.

‘Dr. Stone’ chapter 170 recap

The previous chapter was relatively uneventful, except for the time Xeno’s associates tried to intimidate Matsukaze into revealing where Senku is bringing Xeno. Thanks to Ginro, Matsukaze’s bravery went down the drain and Stanley’s group was last seen headed to South America as well.

Over at Xeno’s yacht where Senku is keeping him tied up, it was revealed that Xeno had also known about radio waves coming from the moon. The signal has been the only communication the Kingdom of Science has had with the mystery character and all they contain is the word “why” in Morse code. This explains why Ryusui has labeled it the Whyman.

‘Dr. Stone’ chapter 171 predictions, spoilers

Moving forward to “Dr. Stone” chapter 171, the manga will likely pick up directly from Senku and Xeno’s conversation. After revealing that he has also been suspecting the petrification beam may have come from the Whyman, the two agree to share the information and theories they have to solve this mystery.

It is unknown yet if Xeno would be truthful in this exchange of intel, but there is a chance that he would for the sake of science. While the scientists have different ideals, they both share the same passion for science and for solving the mystery behind the petrification from thousands of years ago. Since the manga series is known for fast-paced storytelling, “Dr. Stone” chapter 171 could feature significant progress in Senku and Xeno’s little project.

If the Whyman proves to be a far greater threat than Senku and Xeno are to each other, it is possible to see these scientists work together without reservations in the future. However, it is also unclear if Stanley’s group will not resort to violence once they catch up with Xeno’s yacht in “Dr. Stone” chapter 171.

‘Dr. Stone’ chapter 171 release date, where to read

As of this writing, no leaks or raw scans of “Dr. Stone” chapter 171 have made it online yet. On the bright side, the chapter will be released very soon on Sunday, Oct. 25. Fans will also be able to read its official English version for free through Manga Plus and Shonen Jump.

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