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Dr. Carlos A. Barba and the New Advancements in Surgical Technology

Bariatric weight loss surgery has been an effective way to lose significant weight for many individuals. By using modern methods to treat health conditions caused by obesity, physicians such as Dr. Carolos A. Barba MD PLLC can improve type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, and joint pain. State-of-the-art techniques designed for surgeons can make these procedures safe to perform.

The History of The Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is designed to decrease the stomach, restricting the amount of food it can store. Removing part of the stomach can reduce hunger so that weight loss can be managed over time. Dr. Carlos A. Barba performs this surgery regularly for those who want to lose significant weight while reducing need gradually.

When it Began

Weight loss surgery was first made available in the 1950s. By performing open surgery, weight loss procedures could work using a duodenal switch and adjustable gastric banding. Since this was performed as traditional surgery, there was often more risk involved during and after surgery.

Open Surgery

Open surgery involves large incisions that can cause unintended blood loss. With direct exposure, a surgeon was able to view the patient while operating fully. This type of vision was seen as the only method to ensure proper surgical technique for the time. With the risk of blood loss and the increased ability for infection, the patient risked post-operative health conditions.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

In the past several years, minimally invasive techniques have greatly improved with bariatric surgery. This is especially true with gastric sleeve surgery. Using a laparoscope, a certified surgeon such as Dr. Barba can perform the procedure using small incisions to minimize the risk of infection and blood loss. This type of medical advancement technique includes inserting a small instrument through the upper abdomen.

Who Benefits From Gastric Sleeve Advancements?

Gastric sleeve surgery benefits individuals who suffer from health conditions due to obesity. These issues can include:

● Sleep apnea

● High blood pressure

Diabetes 2

● High cholesterol

● Cardiovascular issues

● Joint pain

Health Problems

In addition to physical health problems, certain mental health conditions like depression have also correlated with obesity. For significant weight loss, gastric sleeve surgery is known to reduce hunger as well as weight. This is a critical part of long-term weight loss success.

Advancements In Surgery And Tools

Using specific medical technology has been known to help long-term weight loss in gastric sleeve surgery. Advancement techniques used by physicians like Dr. Carlos a. Barba helps aid in restructuring the stomach.

Tools such as endoscopic suturing devices can reduce the size of a stomach. With an alternative to open surgery, an endoscope can provide a tiny camera so the surgeon can see inside the stomach. This benefits the patient both during and after the procedure.

Is Weight Loss Surgery Safe?

Weight loss surgery is considered a safe procedure. For individuals that are severely overweight, surgery may be the best option to relieve health conditions. While diet and exercise are usually the first approaches, this does not always work for various reasons.

Surgery Can Aid Weight loss

Losing weight can be challenging with a high body mass index. Increased hunger is likely to occur in both males and females. Exercising with excessive weight can also be painful and even cause cardiovascular issues. Pressure on the heart can be a serious problem that may require immediate medical attention. In addition to serious health consequences, the additional weight on the knees frequently makes walking and climbing stairs uncomfortable. Frequent exercise is necessary to maintain weight loss over a long period, and with excess weight, the success rate can be lower.

Newfound Energy

With significant weight loss, many people find they have more energy to exercise. This can benefit the overall lifestyle to improve their long-term health. When combined with gastric sleeve surgery’s direct effects, a decreased sense of hunger will help naturally balance diet and exercise for prolonged weight management.

Modern Bariatric Surgery

Since the increase of laparoscopic surgical techniques, many more procedures have created modern bariatric surgery. While a gastric sleeve was once considered just the first part of bariatric surgery for obesity, it can now be used as an independent treatment. Depending on the individual, certain high-risk patients may benefit from this procedure to reduce future health conditions.

Bariatric surgery can drastically change lives. Without significant extra weight, the body can function under less physical stress. Dieting isn’t always possible when patients want to lose weight at a steady rate. By safely removing part of the stomach to create a fuller sensation when eating, weight loss is effective and safely monitored.

Bariatric Education

Dr. Carlos A. Barba provides ongoing aftercare for his patients. Regardless of how a procedure is performed, routine follow-ups are necessary to ensure any individual’s health. Before surgery, medical history and an exam will be completed, and a consultation on all the various weight loss approaches.

There are several types of bariatric surgeries, including a gastric sleeve procedure. By detailing which ones are safest for the individual, a plan can be made prior to the procedure. With over 3,500 bariatric procedures, Dr. Barba is highly informed on the advancements of weight loss surgery.

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