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Donald Trump’s enlarged pupils spark rumors he’s on drugs; Specialist explains possible reasons behind the speculations

Shealah Craighead/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump has been sparking rumors that he’s not in the best of his health. And his intermittently dilated pupils have not helped prove that everything’s OK with the POTUS.

This week, eagle-eyed netizens noticed how Trump’s pupils appeared to be grossly enlarged, and they are convinced that it’s because of the POTUS’s history of drug use.

“Recent photos of Trump’s eyes: An almost consistent display of grossly enlarged pupils,” Twitter user @psychdr100 wrote alongside a photo of the president.

Even though there has not been any concrete proof that Melania Trump’s husband has ever taken drugs, some people are convinced that this is what’s been causing the changes in the appearance of his eyes.

According to Political Flare, other than possible serious medical problems, stimulant abuse and the use of cocaine, amphetamines, and other types of speed cause the pupils to be dilated.

On Twitter, specialist Dr. Jack G. Brown also shared his take on the matter.

“FACT: The president of the United States is a drug abuser. You cannot have intermittent, bilateral, extremely dilated pupils without drugs being the etiology. Don’t take my word for it – get 1000 non-U.S. neuro-ophthalmologists together and ask them. Blast this across social media,” he tweeted.

Some concerned citizens responded to the post by saying that they hope more physicians would explain what’s really going on with Trump’s pupils since the White House has been mum about it. The POTUS’s staff has not also given an update regarding the president’s health.

“I wish more doctors would weigh in on Trump’s dilated pupils. It’s out there, anyone can clearly see the dilation. Unless he is being tested for glaucoma every day his pupils are not supposed to look like that. Where is any medical organization out there willing to comment?” Twitter user @MaryFabulous3 said.

Others agreed that the only reason why Trump’s pupils are dilated is that he’s a drug user.

“Everybody knows he’s on drugs. Nobody cares,” Twitter user @FredSavage187 said.

“People like @CaslerNoel have witnessed his drug use,” Twitter user @Sophieresists said.

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