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Donald Trump suffers makeup malfunction; POTUS’ orange face glows, looks more bronzed than usual

The White House from Washington, DC/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump recently became a laughing stock after a photographer uploaded a photo of him seemingly with orange makeup all over his face.

Photographer William Moon snapped a photo of the POTUS after he arrived at the White House after his trip to North Carolina. Since Trump was walking outdoors and the wind seems to be gushing at that time, his hair was blown up.

The picture also revealed that Melania Trump’s husband really has orange makeup all over his face, and the upper part of his head didn’t have any. As such, part of Trump’s forehead looked too white compared to the other parts of his face.

According to Political Flare, it is also possible that Trump didn’t have makeup on his face but a bronzer that’s of the wrong shade. Or the POTUS must have applied a tanning product on his face that didn’t really suit him.

As always, netizens took the photo as an opportunity to make fun of the president. Some of them joked about the POTUS’s tan line in the winter and accused him of wearing a wig.

Some netizens also uploaded photos of Trump’s mother and said that they look alike especially since Mary Anne MacLeod Trump is wearing heavy makeup in the snap. Others uploaded a side-by-side photo of Trump and his caricature.

“Clearly, Trump’s people don’t care for him in the least. They allow him to walk around looking and smelling like a dementia patient from a secure facility,” Twitter user @Gwendolyn679 said.

“Always blend,” Twitter user @DamonMPA mocked the POTUS.

“When my grandma started to do her makeup like that, we took away her car keys,” Twitter user @JudgeYouHarshly said.

“Has @POTUS seen this awful picture?” Twitter user @bekindhavehope said.

“What a bizarre little man,” Twitter user @RockyMountViews said.

“Why does he look like a mean-spirited parody of himself?” Twitter user @daggerandpen said.

Meanwhile, Trump also made headlines this week after he once again made a creepy comment about Ivanka Trump. Throughout the years, POTUS has made it clear that he has an obsession with Ivanka calling him daddy instead of dad.

During a recent speech, Trump claimed that Ivanka created 15 million more jobs.

“She said, ‘Daddy, I want to help people get jobs…’ She just broke 15 million jobs,” the POTUS said.

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