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Difference between feminised seed and auto flower seeds

If you're going to begin on the delightful adventure of cultivating cannabis seeds, there's a lot of material you'll want to read up on before planting your first seed. There is a science to it, even if it isn't rocket science. And you want your cannabis seeds to develop to their greatest potential and become the stunning plants you've always imagined. Autoflower seeds, as the name implies, are intended to blossom automatically. Meanwhile, feminised seeds only have the DNA to develop into female plants and blossom when exposed to more than 12 hours of darkness every day.

Both varieties will provide high-quality output, but each has distinct qualities. So, before that happens, it's a good idea to learn the difference between two types of seeds: feminised seeds and auto-flowering seeds.

Feminised Seeds

  • Planting feminised seeds exclude the chances of male chromosomes entering the mix. This assures that you produce the much-desired, bud-producing female marijuana plant. When compared to male plants, female plants have more THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

  • Flowering happens when there is less sunshine available, closer to the changing of seasons from summer to fall. Indoor growers can simulate this shift in lighting by altering their grow lights. If you're a first-time grower, it's a simple procedure that takes little study, and having an experienced expert on your side never hurts.

  • Plants developed from female seeds have more buds and fewer leaves than auto-flowering seeds. Plants developed from female seeds are also considerably easier to prune.

  • While autoflowers take less effort and produce more quickly, feminised cannabis seeds have their own set of benefits. Needless to say, feminized seeds eliminate the need to worry about creating male plants (which will not give you smokable cannabis high in THC and CBD).

  • With feminised seeds, you may expect larger plants and a higher output, with the smokable cannabis frequently being more powerful than cannabis cultivated from auto flower seeds.

Auto flower seeds

  • According to Leafly, auto-flowering seeds are a wonderful choice if you're just starting as a grower and aren't confident with the light adjustment required for feminised seeds, or if you have the expertise and want to optimize outdoor growing productivity.

  • This cannabis seed variety grows with many of the same qualities as feminised seeds; however, unlike feminised seeds, the aging process, rather than light absorption, causes them to bloom. Because the development cycle is short, it's an excellent option for outdoor gardeners who can obtain up to four complete harvests depending on when they start planting.

  • Another advantage of auto-flowering seeds is that they are "tougher" by nature than feminised seeds. Auto-flowering seeds are more resistant to environmental factors like temperature changes, insects, and mildew than feminized seeds. Mosca Seeds, one of our partners, sells feminised, auto-flower, and ordinary seeds.

  • Autoflower Cannabis Seeds are what they sound like. Autoflower cannabis seeds are a popular choice for novices since they bloom automatically, are easy to nurture, have a smaller size, and are harvested faster than feminised seeds.

  • They also require a basic lighting schedule and are more resistant to temperature variations, pests, and fungus, making them an ideal entry point for newcomers into cannabis cultivation.


Aforesaid are the differences between feminised seeds and auto flower seeds, hope you've got some idea of the seeds. This is a vital step in the growing process, and each seed type has its own set of benefits and downsides.

In general, autoflowers perform well for novices and those looking for a quick output, but feminised seeds are preferred by more experienced gardeners searching for maximum potency and quantity from their crop.

It is worth noting that if you use high-quality seeds, you may anticipate a strong output of smokable cannabis regardless of whether you use cauliflower or feminised seeds.

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