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Consequences of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Deficiency

HGH is among the peptide hormones found in the human body. It is responsible for cell regeneration, growth stimulation, and cell production. It is the hormone responsible for human development. However, a significant percentage of people do not have the hormone in the right quantity. This saw the invention of synthetic HGH in 1985 to correct the complications brought about by the lack of this hormone.

Here are some of the witnessed effects of growth hormone deficiency. The effects are a bit different in adults and children. Visit for a consultation with a medical expert to get complete information about hormones and how to balance them.

What happens when children’s bodies do not produce enough growth hormone.

1. They have slow hair growth and tooth development

Children with GH deficiency experience sluggish hair growth. The effects are so bad that the children remain bald even as they develop. Also, the growth of teeth is affected. The development of teeth of children with growth hormone deficiency may take longer than usual to grow. Also, the teeth might grow smaller in size than what they are expected to be.

2. Delayed puberty

Several factors can cause GH deficiency. One of them is congenital disabilities like cleft palates. They affect the ability of the pituitary glands to produce the hormone, leading to deficiency. It may also occur later during a child’s developmental stage. One of the most common effects of hormone deficiency is delayed puberty.

Sexual development is hindered, leading to other issues like stress and depression linked to low self-esteem. This is where the child feels different from his or her peers. If HGH deficiency is detected earlier, this could be curbed.

3. Children with HGH deficiency tend to be shorter

Compared to their peers who have adequate growth hormones, they are more concise. As earlier mentioned, the GH is responsible for healthy tissues, bones, and muscles. They stimulate growth. The absence of this hormone only means that growth will slow down.

Also, they tend to have chubby faces and fat around the abdomen. Note that the human growth hormone is necessary for maintaining proper amounts of body fat.

4. It causes slow brain development

Growth hormone has a direct role to play in brain development. It has been found that people with different hormone deficiencies tend to have a lower IQ. Also, children who have undergone HGH therapy have seen a marked improvement in their academic performance.

Effects of growth hormone deficiency in adults

Note that HGH deficiency can occur at any age. Adults to experience low secretion of the hormone. As one age, the patterns of secretion of human growth hormone change, and there is also a reduction in the quantities of hormones produced.

1. Weak bones

The growth hormone is vital for the development of healthy bones. When you have a hormone deficiency, your bones tend to be weak, hence susceptible to fractures. Also, one tends to be overly sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. This results in the individual feeling weak and tired.

2. Baldness in men

Just like the case with children, GHD interferes with the growth of hair. When the production of growth hormone declines. Replacement of lost hair becomes lower, resulting in baldness. Note that, on average, you lose about 100 strands of hair every day.

3. A high-risk factor of developing osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease. Diminishing levels of HGH result in weak bones. This hormone is responsible for cell production and bone and tissue development. Lack of human growth hormone results in low bone density. Developing osteoporosis, therefore, becomes very likely.

All the effects combined result in bigger psychological and health issues. Issues like delayed puberty can result in low self-esteem among teenagers who are experiencing it. If not curbed, the chances of one falling into the depression are very high. The other psychological symptoms that people with HGH deficiency include poor memory and concentration.

Conducting a blood test is one of the ways to diagnose lack of hormone. It is essential to balance the hormone levels as deficiency comes with certain health risks. They include high fat level in blood and high cholesterol levels. If not managed, it could lead to severe illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

You can take growth hormone supplements to achieve normalcy. Synthetic HGH is usually injected in your body’s fatty tissues like the thighs and arms. If diagnosed in early childhood, the children are given grown hormone therapy until they reach puberty.

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