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CoinGeek Conference to Accommodate Over 2,000 People at The Sheraton Times Square

The eighth installment of CoinGeek Conference, a popular bi-annual blockchain event, will take place at The Sheraton Times Square in New York City on October 5 to 7, 2021. Previous conferences were streamed online and limited to a small number of live audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

This time, CoinGeek has announced that it would be able to accommodate over 2,000 people at the venue, at the same time streaming the conference to a global audience. The three-day event will be governed by strict COVID-19 guidelines as enforced by the CDC and the State and City of New York.

The jampacked agenda will discuss how businesses from different global industries like iGaming, eSports, social media, marketing, business and information technologies, and banking and finance can benefit from the infinitely scalable BSV blockchain.

BSV is the largest public blockchain that has unlocked limitless scaling, which means that there is no theoretical block size cap that effectively restricts the amount of data being stored in a single block. A clear proof of this is the most recent record-breaking 2GB block mined on the BSV blockchain.

“Over on the BTC network, it took years of Bitcoin scaling battles to get nowhere and remain restricted at tiny 1-megabyte blocks that can handle at most seven transactions per second (tps). But on BSV, it took less than a week for miners to see value in opening the door to 2GB blocks. While this sounds big, we’re really just getting started on our journey towards terabyte—1 million megabyte-size blocks so that BSV can process millions of payment and data transactions per second and support the global population along with our one world Internet,” nChain CTO and BSV Infrastructure Team Technical Director Steve Shadders said.

With this kind of capacity, it is not a wonder that BSV will soon release the Teranode project that will enable the network to process over 50,000 tps. As Shadders said, this is just the beginning as the ultimate goal is to also be able to increase throughput to millions of tps.

Because BSV has these powerful technical abilities, it also makes possible for transaction fees to be lowered, making it a cost-efficient solution for big businesses. BSV’s current average fee per transaction is only at $0.019, while popular digital currencies BTC and ETH are at $1.85 and $19.23, respectively. The numbers speak for themselves.

The overall theme for this CoinGeek Conference is “It’s About Time.” And true enough, with the capacity to store nearly limitless amounts of data and an extremely high throughput at the lowest transaction fees, it is about time for global enterprises to know how this innovative technology can improve their systems and maximize their profits.

Register now to learn more about how the BSV blockchain can provide amazing solutions to your business.

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