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Best Antivirus Software for your Computer

Modern computer security software has come a long way from the battles with Trojans. However, cybercrime has also evolved, finding new, innovative ways to compromise computer systems.

Installing an antivirus is a step in the right direction but not every cyber protection software does the job to the fullest. Even with some antivirus protection, estimates show that between 50% and 75% of US citizens have been victims of hacking attacks.

Additionally, businesses pay $150 per compromised record on average, with full downtime and repair costs exceeding $1 million after a data breach.

No matter if you’re an individual who likes to keep their sensitive information safe or running a business enterprise, it’s vital to equip your system with the most resilient antivirus protection.

To assist you in choosing, here’s a list of the five best antivirus software.

Acronis True Image

Acronis is among the newer members of the cyber protection society but performs amazingly on all fronts.


  • Multi-option cloud backups

  • Real-time protection on unlimited devices

  • Easy to use, reliable, and speedy


  • Limited partition resizing flexibility

Acronis True Image boosts strict security upgrades, efficient monitoring, and an easy-to-use interface.

Its computer security software is suited for both business networks and home systems. It uses AES-256 file encryption, file/folder backups, full image backups, and real-time protection on all devices via a highly secure cloud service.

With it, you can implement dual protection, engage active disc cloning, backup your system as much as you like, and access your backups from any stationary or mobile device within your network. As for backups, you can easily track, configure schedules, archive files, and connect them with as many devices as you need.

Should you need to restore information, cloud restoring has enhanced speed, reliability, and stability thanks to the newest backup technologies. Furthermore, you can initiate universal restores of a backup onto any machine of your choosing via bootable media and driver injection technology.

True Image will also check every file you interact with in real-time, using anti-ransomware and crypto-jacking protection. Additionally, you can use web filtering to block malicious URLs or initiate videoconference protection via Zoom, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams.

To top it off, one of the best paid antivirus offers secure data centers, creation of user-defined passwords, a hybrid cloud, selected Wi-Fi backup, blockchain notarization, electronic signature safety, and more.

You can customize it for multiple Windows OS or file systems and Mac OS and macOS file systems.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

In a discussion regarding the best computer antivirus software, Bitdefender always comes up.


  • Advanced ransomware protection

  • Do-not-track data privacy feature

  • Frequent updates


  • VPN comes with a separate subscription

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus suits both individuals and businesses. You can set it up for your home network or customize your subscription to serve your entire enterprise.

Among its most exceptional features are ransomware protection, anti-phishing module, Safepay, high-tier privacy tools, and an optional VPN feature.

With it, you get web-filtering to deny accessing malicious sites, a smart password manager to fill out web payment forms with added encryption, and a secure browser to shop online safely.

If you’re using it on a single device, it works perfectly, but you may not benefit from some of the more robust features.

Norton 360 with LifeLock

The best antivirus software should be resilient to malware, easy to configure and keep your data secure in real-time. Norton 360 does precisely that.


  • PC protection via firewall and frequent backups

  • Excellent malware detection and protection

  • LifeLock to deny identity theft


  • Slows down systems during full scans

  • It’s a bit more expensive than other competitive antivirus software

Norton 360 with LifeLock specializes in Windows OS protection. The LifeLock feature shines should you need to protect your data and avoid identity theft – it is highly rated and updated continuously to keep pace with modern malware threats.

Additionally, Norton offers incredible variety when it comes to subscription plans. You can pick the features you need, be it for a home system or a business network. Even the most affordable plan comes with PC maintenance utilities and 2GB of cloud backup space.

Furthermore, one of the best antivirus software offers dark web protection, 10 GB of cloud backup, and a VPN to browse safely anywhere.

Advanced subscription plans add more devices to your setup, parental controls, remote learning control, and webcam protection.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky is one of the most user-friendly antivirus setups. It is also highly affordable.


  • Reliable and experienced antivirus

  • User friendly

  • An array of extra cloud security features


  • iOS integration can be complicated

  • Updates sometimes fail on the first try

Kaspersky offers protection for home systems and large enterprise networks running Windows OS. Its main benefits are malware detection and prevention, as well as URL block.

The security software uses smart monitoring technology to counter malicious attacks and regularly scans your devices for harmful processes. It is easy to use on Windows, but other OS need some getting used to the interface.

McAfee Antivirus Plus

McAfee ranks at the top of the best paid antivirus offerings. It is well-fitted for multiple devices at home at a reasonable cost.


  • Protects all OS, including iOS and Android

  • Good malware detection and prevention

  • Advanced firewall


  • Lacks parental control options

  • Apple protection has fewer features

As one of the best computer protection software, McAfee grows with the needs of its users. Their plans ensure cybersecurity on multiple devices and various operating systems.

McAfee strives to win over the home system market, offering full home network protection for up to 10 devices, encrypted storage, a password manager, and identity theft protection. However, enterprises with more than 10 devices may only benefit from the Unlimited devices plan, which costs a bit extra.

The Importance of Stellar Antivirus Software

Hacking attempts on individuals and businesses are getting more sophisticated each year. To keep data thieves and prying eyes away, systems require a reliable antivirus to counter malicious software.

The best PC security software benefits are:

  • Protection from viruses and malware

  • Blocking spam/ads

  • Denying access to hackers and data thieves

  • Ensuring removable devices protection

  • Data, files, and folders protection (encryption and backups)

  • Spyware and phishing attack protection

  • Enhanced web protection while browsing or shopping

  • Password protection and parental control

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