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Barack Obama, Michelle Obama divorce rumors overshadowed by speculation that ex-FLOTUS is joining the 2020 Presidential race

44th President of the United States, Barack Obama | Photo by Gage Skidmore licensed under Creative Commons ( via

Former first couple Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, have repeatedly been rumored to be getting divorced over the past couple of months. Now that speculations about their marital status have been out to rest, a new hunch is making headlines.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has floated the idea that Pres. Obama is gearing up to endorse his wife Michelle for the 2020 Presidential election. Carlson argued that this is possibly one reason why Obama has yet to back the campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama plans to return to the White House?

Campaigns of Democratic presidential aspirants have started this year including Biden who has been present in most televised debates. Other candidates like Sen. Bernie Sanders already got the stamps of approval from popular lawmakers such as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But Obama, being the latest president to be elected from the Democratic party, has yet to endorse a name.

Many were strongly expecting Obama would be endorsing Biden’s campaign considering how they had a tight-knit working and personal relationship throughout their eight-year service in the White House. Carlson suggested that the only thing that could hinder Obama’s sought-after endorsement is because he is rooting for someone else. And that could be someone much closer to home, namely his wife Michelle.

Carlson further explained that the delay of Obama's memoir to 2020 right when the Presidential campaigns heat up is another indication. The said book was expected to be released this year, but it was announced last May to be pushed back sometime next year. Many have since been interested in the motivation behind the schedule changes.

Biden appeared in a “60 Minutes” interview on CBS News where he was asked why Obama has not endorsed his campaign. The two-term VP said he asked Obama not to promote his campaign because he wants to “earn” it on his own.

What Michelle Obama has said about entering politics during Barack Obama’s presidency

When the Obamas’ days in the White House were almost over, Democratic voters and fans of the then first couple were wishing Michelle would join the 2016 presidential election. But in many interviews, Michelle has been adamant; she does not see herself getting involved in politics to that extent.

Last August, Michelle was once again asked if there is any chance for her to change her mind as the 2020 election comes closer. "There's zero chance," Michelle told The National. The former first lady said she has many other ways to help improve America, but a job in the Oval Office does not interest her. “It's just not for me,” she added.

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