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BTS V shares a major hint about the release of his mixtape

Photo by: BTS/Instagram

Fans have been clamoring for BTS V’s mixtape that has been mentioned a lot of times already. For months, this was also being discussed by fans since the idol singer himself and the rest of the BTS members mentioned it from time to time during their V Live streamings.

Now, as BTS V celebrates his 25th birthday today, he seemed to have dropped hints that fans will be able to get their hands on his mixtape soon. Kim Taehyung revealed some info when he met with the fan through a surprise live stream so they can all celebrate his special day together.

Taehyung’s surprise reveal

On Dec. 30, BTS V went live, and the video clip was shared by one of the idol singer’s fan pages on Twitter. One ARMY asked him when he would be releasing the much-anticipated mixtape, and rather than saying something, he smiled mischievously and looked around to check out the staff.

After checking, he played some songs that are apparently will be part of his mixtape. Since he only meant to tease the fans a bit by playing some spoilers, he let the fans listen for a few seconds only.

And while it was really fast, fans have no complaints but rather thankful because BTS V just confirmed that there is a mixtape, and it is almost done. This means that they will be getting music from their favorite Kpop star.

Moreover, the ARMYs know that BTS V is busy with group promotions, so they understand if his mixtape is getting delayed. They are not in a rush anyway and just want Kim Taehyung to work on it comfortably and at his own pace. In this way, the outcome of the mixtape will surely be great as it has been worked on carefully and not in haste.

Mixtape release date

As mentioned, BTS V is not rushing to complete his mixtape and hopes that fans will also be patient if he needs more time. He knows that everyone is eagerly waiting and assured them that he will release it soon enough and would personally announce when it is ready for release.

Finally, BTS V ended his live stream to celebrate his birthday with fans by singing a bit of “Snow Flower.” This is the track that he just released for Christmas.

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