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Are Electric Cars the Future of The Automotive Industry?

Unlike the days of old, cars have become the commonest means of road transportation. And like every other growing technology, the evolution of the automobile has seen lower cost of use combined with increased efficiency. Autos first ran on gasoline, and since the 1930s have used both diesel fuel and gasoline, but even that is changing- electric cars are the future.

Whether you love electric cars, or you don't, it is a reality that electric cars will populate the future. These cars were once just a tale of science fiction, but they are not just a novelty idea anymore.

In only a few years to come, we will see more and more electric cars hit the streets until gasoline-fed vehicles are eventually no longer seen on the road. Electric cars are slowly being phased in, so it is best to get used to the idea. The best part about it is that there are so many benefits to electric cars! You can read more about them here on

The Benefits of Going Electric

Here is a look at just a few reasons to love electric cars.

  1. Lower in Price to Operate

If you purchase an electric car, you will see a decrease in the running costs compared to a car using gasoline. When it comes to charging the vehicle, it works out to cost around a third as much for each mile as using gasoline for the same car.

There are a few websites that actually have a calculator to work out the savings you will see. With the only moving part being the rotor, the Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is strong and very simple. All you will maintain are the tires, brakes and suspension.

Of course, the battery isn't going to last forever - it will eventually need replacing. However, most EV batteries have a warranty of around eight years, which is more than most standard batteries for gas-fed cars.

If you are looking at the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, these do have a gas engine and will need to be serviced regularly. These will cost more to run and maintain.

Depending on where you are located some states offer some savings if you own an electric vehicle. This can include lower assessed taxes or money back on your yearly registration fees.

  1. Eco-Friendly

The government is trying to make EV the car of the future as they are better for the environment by reducing air pollution issuing from exhaust emissions. An EV doesn't have any exhaust emissions. Imagine how cleaner the air would be if every car on the road were EV.

You can lower gas emissions by using renewable energy to charge your vehicle.

You can even charge your EV from the sun during the day instead of using the grid. You can always buy some Green power from your electric company in order to recharge your vehicle battery from the grid, but greenhouse emissions will be reduced.

We are seeing more eco-friendly materials as times are changing and with the vehicle being manufactured with eco-friendly materials like used water bottles, plastic bags and bio-based materials, there is no doubt more people will be turning to the EV as their choice of car.

  1. Last Longer

Electric cars last longer. Electric cars do not have as many complex moving parts as gasoline fed cars, hence the EV won't develop the same problems. The EV will eventually require battery replacement, but the car itself will last longer than the petrol-driven car.

  1. More Efficient

EVs are more efficient than petrol-driven cars. In a gas vehicle, engine cylinders need fuel to burn in other to drive the pistons to operate the driveshaft and much energy which is converted to heat is wasted. In the case of EVs, energy is generated from batteries that drive the car.

Evs also have more sophisticated electronics and smart sensors.

The benefits of the EV supercede all others and as more models come out and prices start to drop we will see more and more EVs on the road.

We seem to be bidding gas-driven cars goodbye and welcoming EVs as the future, but what vehicle type might come next? What that will be no one knows yet, but we patiently await it. For now, you can be sure that makers like Tesla are going all out to put some great electric vehicles on the market. Do you already own or have you thought about purchasing an EV? Let us know in the comments below!

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