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Amazon Ditches Its ‘Just Walk Out’ Cashierless Shopping Tech, Decides to Offer the System to Other Stores

Amazon to allow other stores to use its cashierless shopping technology.

Amazon Inc. stopped using its “Just Walk Out” technology, and it has removed it from stores it owns, such as its Amazon Fresh Groceries. While the company ditched this cashierless innovation, it would like to sell or license the system to other retail stores.

Amazon removed the “Just Walk Out” technology from its retail outlets but will still keep it for other business ventures. The company rather decided to offer it to other retailers via sales or licensing arrangements.

Targeting Third-Party Stores

As per Reuters, Amazon said on Wednesday, April 17, that it is planning to bring its cashierless shopping technology to third-party store brands this year. The e-commerce and tech giant added that even if it reduced the use of “Just Walk Out” on its own, others may benefit from the technology instead.

Offering the said innovation to others will allow the company to continue benefitting from its cashierless shopping innovation since sales of licensing will bring in new profits. Amazon revealed that around 140 stores are using the “Just Walk Out” cashierless checkout system, and it is looking to double this number in 2024.

“For us, really making sure that we can service that third-party market is the most important thing,” Associated Press News quoted Amazon’s Just Walk Out vice president, Jon Jenkins, as saying in an interview. “We have definitely been reassuring people that we are in this for the long haul.”

What is a Cashierless Shopping Checkout

Amazon’s Just Walk Out uses a combination of artificial intelligence, cameras, and sensor trackers to see items being taken off of shelves. After shopping, customers may leave the store by simply inserting their credit card at the exit. Other payment methods are also available at the checkout.

Amazon first introduced this technology in 2018 and offered it to other businesses, such as sports stadiums. However, the company began using the system in its stores only in 2020, starting with the Amazon Go convenience stores.

Photo by: Amazon Press Center

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