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Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 will arrive on Dec. 14; 23 confirmed as the number on the heel

Photo via Screenshot of SC00P2O8/Youtube

The Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 is coming out this Holiday season, and thousands – if not millions – of collectors and Jordan Heads are saving up to purchase the coveted pair. Its design is going to take heavy inspiration from the original release.

Black, red and, white have been fused together to achieve that retro look for the Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 that has been so iconic in this subculture within a subculture. Black will dominate the upper part of the shoes, coating the leather and ballistic mesh.

White will run across the midsole, while the red will finish it off down at the bottom, lining the outside sole and the Jumpman logo. Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 will also have the iconic number 23 present on the heel, clearing the rumors that the number 45 will be used and relieving the apprehension of Jordan Heads, Sneaker News reported.

The pair will be hitting the shelves on December 14 and will only be available on select retailers and on the site of Nike. Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 has been tagged with a $220.

Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 celebrates the legacy of Michael Jordan

So what’s with all the excitement surrounding this pair? Why is there a lot of people who are saving up just to snatch the Air Jordan Bred 11 2019?

Well, as mentioned earlier, the shoes are part of an on-going trend in the sneaker sub-culture that celebrates the life of Michael Jordan. Having the Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 can be a status symbol, a part of the collection, or simply a means for people to relive their childhood, Newsweek reported.

Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 slated to be part of a subculture's history

There have been countless stories out there why this line of sneakers has been so popular with so many people, ranging from childhood memories to significant milestones that they’ve attained in life. And Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 will be part of those stories soon enough.

And as this pair penetrate the lives of thousands, the legacy of Jordan and what he did on the hardwood floor will carry on. The red, black, and white that was an ever-present shade during the icon’s dominant career will soon flood the streets of multiple cities. It would be interesting to see where Air Jordan Bred 11 2019 will rank among its kin since there are other versions out there that are arguably more superior than this upcoming variant.

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