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Adidas Unites Messi, Bellingham, Wirtz in New Campaign Tackling Pressure

Lionel Messi, Jude Bellingham, and Florian Wirtz star in Adidas' new campaign tackling pressure.

Adidas launched its latest brand campaign on May 30, uniting football stars Lionel Messi, Jude Bellingham, and Florian Wirtz to showcase how athletes can thrive under pressure.

Adidas' Campaign Showcases Football Stars Overcoming Pressure Ahead of EURO 2024™ and South America's Premier Competition

By uniting icons from its international football family, the organization intends to demonstrate what is feasible when expectation management is optimized.

As eagerness grows for a football-filled summer, culminating in the commencement of EURO 2024™, the preeminent football competition in South America, the campaign illuminates how international football can augment the pressure level on every participant, in addition to the thrills and excitement. According to adidas News, research indicates that the probability of a player missing a penalty kick while representing their nation is three times greater than when representing their club.

Adidas is capitalizing on this by introducing a new film showcasing next-generation trailblazers and sports icons scheduled to don their respective national teams' jerseys this summer. It features, among others, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Giovanni Reyna, Ousmane Dembélé, and Pedri and seeks to motivate the next generation of athletes to triumph over adversity and deepen their passion for the exquisite sport.

The film, narrated by England legend David Beckham, reminds players entering the field at this year's most prestigious football tournaments, whether defending champions or making their tournament debuts, to redefine pressure and concentrate on the optimistic rallying cry "You Got This."

G.O.A.T. Lionel Messi solidifies his historical significance in a sequence of frenetic sequences set to the melody of Queen featuring David Bowie's iconic Under Pressure. In the interim, Florian Wirtz, a wonder kid from Germany, executes an acrobatic shot into the upper corner.

Gio Reyna of the United States skillfully performs a rainbow flick before converting a volley goal, Pedri, an aspiring star, confidently navigates through the Spanish supporters before the match, and Ousmane Dembele of France demonstrates his versatility by gliding through the opposing team. These athletes exemplify the potential of harnessing the crowd's energy and inspire ordinary athletes to emulate their actions.

Adidas Launches 'J.B. Originals' Collection, Showcasing Jude Bellingham and the Impact of Mental Resilience in Sports

The film showcases the debut of the Adidas F50 football footwear by Dembele and Santi Jimenez. These boots debuted on the field during the UEFA Champions League Final before illuminating the summer of football. Then, in the concluding scene, Jude Bellingham is observed playing with local athletes in the backyard of his Birmingham residence. It symbolizes the origin of athletes' international passion for the sport and the transformative power of the affirmation "You Got This" in supporting the realization of one's aspirations.

The Real Madrid star is donning his inaugural Adidas product, a high-quality, high-neck track top featuring personalized embellishments and patriotic hues. This top is part of the "J.B. Originals" collection, which will debut soon.

A recent investigation conducted in collaboration with neuro11, a prominent organization in the field of sports neuroscience, and Adidas unveiled the effects of pressure on the performance of both elite and grassroots athletes. According to Dr. Niklas Hausler, co-founder of neuro11, "Pressure is universally felt by all athletes – even those playing at the top of the game, with research suggesting that the feeling is amplified when competing at international level - players are three times as likely to miss the goal when taking a penalty for their country than for their club team2.

However, our recent testing with a selection of Adidas athletes revealed when the player has the right management techniques, they were up to 40% more effective at harnessing pressure during high-stake moments.3 By channeling their focus to implement their set routines, they can realize their biggest hopes his summer."

Before participating in EURO 2024™, England midfielder Jude Bellingham stated: "When you first play for your national team, it comes with a higher level of pressure and one you must adapt to quickly. From playing at a high level at such a young age, I've learned that pressure is more of a responsibility, and it can be hard to play under pressure. The advice I live by is when the feeling of pressure arrives, you have to remember why you're playing, for me, going into this summer's tournament, I'll remember that I play for the love of the game and bring the feeling of pressure into the fold to push me to reach the highest level I can."

Adidas Vice President of Global Brand Communications, Florian Alt, emphasized the brand's role in supporting athletes: "As we embark on the next phase of our brand campaign, we are committed to celebrating and supporting our players ahead of a monumental summer of football. We aim to inspire the next generation of athletes by reminding them that pressure is a universal experience, regardless of accolades or achievements. Our goal is to help athletes at all levels overcome negative pressure and reconnect with their love for the game. We hope our rallying cry, 'You Got This', resonates with athletes and encourages them to achieve their personal possibilities in sport."

Photo: Camilla Carvalho/Unsplash

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