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Add these food to your Keto diet to lose belly fat fast

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The Keto diet is one of the most popular diets that many people wanting to lose weight have turned to. Probably because it is easy to follow and need not be expensive.

For those who are not familiar with the Keto diet, it is eating food that is low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

Eating less carbs will put your body in a metabolic state called ketosis allowing it to become efficient in burning fat from the food that you ate for energy.

Also, less carbohydrate intake can help get rid of visceral fats, those fats that are hard to burn because they are found inside the abdominal cavity and are very dense.

There is food that you must make sure to add to your keto diet to get results in as fast as two weeks.

Nuts, especially the almonds, are very useful in losing belly fat. Not only are they high in fat content but they are also high in fiber which means they keep you full for a longer period. Instead of reaching for your favorite junk food for snacks, you will be better off if you reach for almonds instead.

A favorite among those following the keto diet is avocado. They are not only delicious but also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. And, the fruit is perfect for a keto diet because it is low in carbohydrates and has a high-fat content and fibers.

Avocado will also make you full longer because it's fat and fiber content will make the release of food in your stomach slower.

Eggs are another great addition to your keto diet. Not only is it high in protein but eating eggs can also make you full for a long while. Thus, it is very good to have it for breakfast to jumpstart your day.

Berries could also be good addition but you have to be careful in choosing your berries. Opt for raspberries rather than the blueberries because they contain lesser carbs.

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