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7 Ways Phone Campaigns Can Help You Reach More Customers

There’s a lot of noise in the digital sphere these days. Most businesses have turned to virtual means to reach and engage with customers. While this is practical and something that you must do for your company, you shouldn’t place all your eggs in this basket. You still have to consider other strategies.

One such marketing method that you should continue is phone campaigns. You might be thinking that this approach is obsolete. After all, you can easily reach thousands of customers on web platforms like search engines and social media.

However, you shouldn’t totally discount the effectiveness of calling clients over the phone personally. Here are some ways that phone campaigns can help you reach more customers:

  1. Consumers Went Mobile

First and foremost, consumers have gone mobile. The advent of smartphones has made it more convenient for people to search for anything with just a few taps on the screen. Communication is also more accessible through mobile devices.

Since customers are now tethered to their phones, you’ll need to keep up with this preference and meet them in their comfort zones. This means creating a phone campaign that allows you to contact and market to them directly.

Cold-calling has garnered a negative reputation for disrupting people’s days. An excellent solution for this dilemma is to send them a message ahead informing them of your intent to contact them about your products and services. You can even include the option to reschedule the call at a more convenient time by responding to the text message.

Another way to streamline your cold-calling process is through the use of an auto dialer. This tool boosts the productivity of your agents by keeping them connected to live numbers. There are also additional features, such as custom notes and SMS, that ensure personalized communication for all leads.

  1. Engage Them Personally

The best thing about calling potential clients is that you get to engage with them personally. There’s something different when you’re talking to a real person rather than interacting with a chatbot or, worse, just trying to find your way through a company’s website.

Some tips to make your cold-calling campaign more personal:

  • Do Some Research - Before you talk to a lead, make sure that you have an idea of the prospect’s interests. Check previous notes if they’ve been contacted as well so that you don’t repeat the same script again. A little research can go a long way in personalizing your interactions with potential clients.

  • Focus on the Client - Instead of bombarding prospects with information about your company, products, and services, engage them in conversation. Ask them about their biggest problems in relation to your industry. Then, once you’ve gained insight into their pain points, you can encourage them to try out your solutions.

  • Have an Outline - Memorizing and regurgitating a script can make you sound robotic. Plus, it increases the risk of stumbling over the words and mental blackout. Rather than creating one, you should make an outline. It can still guide you with the flow of the conversation, but you get more flexibility to adjust your tone and style depending on the prospect.

  • Determine Their Buying Stage - This might be tricky to pinpoint at first. The simplest way to do this is to gauge whether they might be interested in buying right now or not. If you feel that they’re leaning toward the latter, stay on the safe side and cultivate a relationship first before selling to them directly.

  1. Boost Your Brand Image

Having a phone campaign and a dedicated toll-free number can boost your brand image. It can help cement your place as a credible leader in your industry. After all, no company would invest in this type of infrastructure if they aren’t serious about doing business and helping their customers.

Typically, North American toll-free numbers would start with 800 or 1-800. However, these numbers are tougher to get a hold of these days. Call Cowboy has developed their 877 Area Code phone number for small business owners to get their own calling system.

The way that people perceive your brand is crucial to the success of your business. If you use cheap tools and unclear policies, they won’t consider you a real company. Conversely, if you set up systemized and streamlined processes, you can easily gain the trust of consumers and reach more of your target audience.

  1. Increase Upsell Opportunities

Phone campaigns also lead to more upselling opportunities. It’s easier to steer the conversation when you’re talking to the lead personally. Again, you just need to listen to their pain points and share information about how your products or services can help solve their problems.

Aside from reaching new customers, this type of upselling opportunity can maximize your current client pool as well. For instance, if you have new products, services, or promos, you can call up your old customers and give them an update on your brand. This is valuable during seasons when business is slow.

  1. Nurture Client Relationships

As mentioned above, you can also nurture your client relationships better through phone calls. Sometimes, your sales pitch needs to take a step back in the conversation. You just have to build the relationship with leads first. It may even take two or more interactions before they become interested enough to actually try your products and services.

Talking with prospects personally can give a human touch to your marketing campaign. They’ll see that there’s a real person whom they can talk to in case they have inquiries or concerns about your brand or merchandise.

These are the telephone skills that you should have to provide the ultimate customer service experience:

  • Use a Positive Tone - You don’t need to fake being perky, but you do need to project some enthusiasm when speaking with leads. The easiest way to do that is to smile when you talk. They might not be able to see it, but it can translate into your voice and tone.

  • Enunciate Words Clearly - There will be times when the connection won’t be too stable. Don’t add to the confusion by mumbling your words. Make sure that you speak clearly and use simple words as well as phrases.

  • Speak Sincerely - Avoid scripted greetings that can sound inauthentic and artificial. A sincere “Hello!” or “Good day!” can make all the difference when talking to potential customers. No matter what you do, you can’t fake sincerity, so make sure that you stay and give genuine answers while using a positive tone.

  • Personalize - The simplest strategy to personalize any conversation is to use the prospect’s first name. If you have a to-call list, you already have this information. On the other hand, if they’re the ones calling you, ask for their name first and use it to address them as the conversation progresses. Don’t be afraid to ask about the proper pronunciation as well. This shows that you respect them enough to want to make them comfortable.

  • Finish Well - Even if the lead rejected your proposal, you should continue to be polite until the end of the phone call. Starting and finishing well can boost the image of your company, even if they say that they aren’t interested in your products and services.

  1. Avoid Complicating Problems

Consumers prefer verbal interaction with companies because they can explain what they want to say. Often, written messages, like chat, emails, or texts, can’t convey the frustration and disappointment that customers feel about a particular product or service.

Moreover, phone calls can make explaining a complex concept more straightforward than having to read it in an email or chat box. The client can ask questions right away and reiterate the idea to ensure that they’ve understood it completely.

Avoid complicating the process of talking to customers by creating a phone system for your company. This way, they can contact you if they have concerns, and your agents can help resolve them immediately.

  1. Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Information plays a significant role in creating your marketing campaigns and reaching your target audience. Phone calls are a great way to gather data, and it’ll only take you a few minutes to do so. You can gain deep insights into consumers’ needs and preferences, which you can use to make smart decisions for the future of your company.


A lot of business owners neglect their phone campaigns because they think that it’s obsolete. However, when done right, it can actually help you reach more customers. This is because consumers are more mobile now. They do everything on their phones, which is why you should engage with them on their favorite devices.

Phone calls allow you to engage with leads personally. In turn, this allows you to nurture your relationship with them and ensure that they get high-quality service.

Having a dedicated toll-free number can also boost your brand image, which can cement your place as an enterprise that’s serious about doing business. Lastly, you can get information easily with a quick phone call and use the data to optimize your marketing strategies.

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