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5 Tips On Writing an Application Essay

You may have good or even satisfactory grades but you can still go to Harvard. Not the best students still can study at Stanford. And it happens quite often. The whole thing is a correctly written essay that shows your goals and ambitions and reveals your talent and potential. Usually, you need to write one or two essays for entering.

As admission officers say, an essay is the most memorable part of all the documents you submit for admission. Through an essay, the admissions committee tries to see you as a person, what you really are. Thousands of applicants have the same scores for exams and grades and it is an essay that sets you apart and reveals your personality. Of course, it is a good idea to pay to write essay but you can also try to do it by yourself. In addition, the essay shows how you can present yourself, analyze information, and communicate with other people in writing.

Five Steps to Writing a First-Class Essay

  1. Step One - Collecting essay topics

Collect all essay topics and write them down. Start recalling examples from your life experience that can be summarized under these topics. Write everything that comes to mind. The following questions will help you concentrate:

  • What do you most like to do? What are your hobbies?

  • Do you have specific skills or talent?

  • Who has influenced your life the most? Who is most remembered?

  • What did you do last vacation?

  • What is your best day? Describe it.

  1. Step 2 - perfect the list of topics

It happens so that everyone writes about the same thing. Your task is to stand out. Your essay should be original and unlike any other. Make sure that what you write touches on original topics (usually they write about travel, parents, sports). You need to demonstrate a unique approach to the topic. Your idea should be supported by good examples or stories. Admissions experts should analyze your essay so it’s good if you don’t have superficial ideas and they will have a possibility to reflect on some things.

  1. Step 3 - answer questions by listening to yourself

Be yourself. Do not think about what the staff of the selection committee would like to see. Choose topics that you can cover and that matter to you. Express your ideas and share your experiences.

Start with an interesting introduction. You need to start the essay so that the reader would like to continue reading. Share information about yourself. An essay is a unique opportunity to communicate with the college representatives. Your essay should show what you think about, your attitude to life, purpose and you as a person. Focus on yourself.

  1. Step 4 - check and rewrite

Check the essay many times, ask for help from friends and relatives. You can write to students of your chosen university and ask them to help, suggest ideas or amendments to your essay. Harvard students recommend contacting two or three editors for help.

  1. Step 5 - make the essay perfect

There is a good technique to make sure again that there are no errors or typos in the essay - read it from the end. When you read from the end, you do not focus on mistakes but your focus is on words and writing. Check any words you are not sure of the spelling in the dictionary. If you are asked to write 500 words, do not write more than 10 to 20 words beyond the established limit.

What Is Strictly Forbidden to Write

  • Do not try to be someone else. You will not succeed in deceiving the admissions officers who have seen thousands of essays and will immediately see that your description of yourself does not coincide with the rest of the documents.

  • Do not take too complicated topics and ideas for an essay. Students write a lot of essays, where students try to show that they understand complex ideas and topics when in reality this is not true at all.

  • Do not use common cliches, they show that you cannot express ideas by yourself.

  • Do not use a lot of quotes. They give the impression that you do not have your own opinion.

Best of luck with your essay!

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