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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Trademark Registration in Singapore

If you are looking for a place to register a trademark, then you have probably thought about doing so in Singapore. Singapore is well-known all over the world as a location that is incredibly favorable to businesses of all sizes.

Therefore, this is also a great place to register a trademark. At the same time, you probably have some questions about how exactly this process proceeds. Some of the most frequently asked questions about trademark registration in Singapore include:

1. How Do I Apply for Trademark Registration in Singapore?

In order for you to apply for a trademark in Singapore, you need to fill out a form called Form TM4. Then, you need to submit this form to the IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore) along with any applicable fees. In addition, you will need to include an address for service in Singapore as well.

Therefore, you need to figure out where in Singapore you want your business to be located, if you do not have an office in Singapore. That way, the application can move forward appropriately. Furthermore, you have multiple options available when you apply for a trademark. You may elect to file multi-class applications on a single application or ask for separate applications in different classes for the same trademark.

2. How Much Does it Cost to Apply for a Trademark in Singapore?

The exact price is going to vary depending on the nature of the trademark for which you are applying. If you decide to submit your application for a trademark in Singapore online, this is going to be much cheaper.

Filing an online application with classes whose specification items have been selected from a pre-approved database, the price is S$240 per trademark per class. For applications containing items that have not been specified from a pre-approved database, this is going to cost S$341 per trademark per class.

If you decide to file the application manually, this price is S$374 per trademark per class. If you decide to seek professional advice from a lawyer or make amendments to your application at a later date, this will cost extra. To make amendments, you will need to submit Form TM27. The price for amendments is S$40 per class. All prices are in Singapore dollars.

3. If I am Applying for a Trademark in More than One Class, can I File One Application for All Classes?

Yes. If you are filing for a trademark in more than one class of goods and services, you can file a single application and cover all classes. You simply need to make sure that the form specifies which class numbers you are applying for and the corresponding goods and services.

Remember that the more classes you add, the more expensive the application is going to be. For example, if you file an application for items in five classes that are from the pre-approved database, the price would be 5 x S$240 = S$1200.

4. What Is a Priority Claim?

If you have applied for an identical trademark for goods and services on your application in countries that are members of the World Trade Organization or the Paris Convention, then you are allowed to register your trademark in Singapore in a priority manner. If you want to take advantage of a priority claim, then you need to file your application in Singapore within six months of the date you file the original application in a foreign country. You also need to indicate that you are making a priority claim on your application.

5. If I Have Questions about my Application, Who Should I Contact?

If there are any issues with your application or if you have questions or concerns, you should reach out to the examiner in charge at the Intellectual Property Office. Or, you can make an appointment with the examiner to discuss the application in-person.

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