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‘Vikings’ season 6B: Ivan ascends to the Norwegian throne while Floki might make a comeback

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There is no official word yet about the “Vikings” season 6 episode 11 release date. The show is currently on its midseason break and, with the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging across the globe, it is yet unclear when the second part of the series’ sixth season will start airing.

Thankfully, fans can entertain themselves with the various “Vikings” season 6B theories and speculations doing their rounds. These include the potential return of Ragnar’s close friend Floki and the rise of Ivar as the King of Norway.

Floki’s return

In the show’s earlier seasons, “Vikings” told the story of Ragnar Lothbrok as he traveled the ancient world alongside his brothers and close friends. One of these close allies that have been with the legendary Norse figure from the start is Floki a character played by Gustaf Skarsgård.

However, Floki was last seen in “Vikings” season 5. In the episode titled “What Happens in the Cave,” he entered a cave thinking that it might be the entrance to Helheim. Unfortunately, he was trapped inside the cave, which was located inside an active volcano.

But some fans still believe that Floki could still be making a comeback in “Vikings” season 6B. Apparently, actor Gustaf Skarsgård was spotted on the set while filming was underway, according to ScreenRant. Also, track #26 of the “Vikings” season 6 soundtrack is titled “Floki Tell of Why He Left Iceland,” which suggests that the character will be featured in the current season.

Ivar the Boness could ascend to the Norwegian throne

In the previous “Vikings” season 6 episode, Ivar the Boneless and Hvitserk teamed up with Prince Oleg of Novgorod to attack Bjorn and his allies. The battle appeared to go in Oleg’s favor as many of their foes are injured.

While the episode ended in a cliffhanger, show creator Michael Hirst teased the outcome of the battle as well as what might happen to Bjorn and Harald. “And you know, we’ve seen the power of the Rus,” Hirst said, according to Express. “I mean, those extraordinary scenes in episode nine, when we see the Rus army marching out and we realized just how formidable and huge that army is.”

This does not bode well for Bjorn and Harald. “And so it’s not a surprise that the Vikings can’t hold them,” Hirst added. “And yes, a lot of people, a lot of Vikings are killed. And Harald and Bjorn are certainly extremely seriously, seriously wounded, and likely to die. But what happens after that is saved for [Episode 11].”

Ivar previously made a deal with Oleg before the battle started. To secure Ivar’s loyalty, Oleg promised that the latter will become King of Norway once the war is over, which is expected to happen in “Vikings” season 6B.

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