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Support at Australian online casinos in detail

At any licensed Australian online casino there is a helpdesk\support, and you should not ignore the support from the gambling site if you want to play with real money bets. This service will help visitors get the answers to all your questions asked and explain to the customer unclear points. If you do not know what questions to ask casino support before the game, we give a list of the most relevant, which in the future will help to avoid difficulties with the withdrawal of winnings or deposits.

What questions you need to ask casino support before you make a deposit?

Chat icon with a representative of the online casino is the element of page of the gambling site, where the player can click without a doubt, as soon as he noticed that he didn't understand something.

Of course, in terms of information you can read a lot of reviews and other gambling related sites about best online casino Australia, in the blog and on the wiki. There you will find information about the features of gambling, how to distinguish genuine software from fake, as well as strategies, important news and other useful posts about gambling. But all this in the hours of leisure, when there is no desire to play or have a desire to expand knowledge of the gambling world.

If, however, a person went to the casino, he probably intends to relax with gambling and betting. Here, there is no time to read various articles on the casino, as his hands itch to make a deposit as fast as possible, perhaps to get a bonus from the operator and start the game.

However, before you do that, please read all the questions you should ask about casino support.

What questions should you ask the casino's chat support?

Since we are analyzing casino complaints and problems that often arise from misunderstanding certain aspects of online gambling, we were able to derive several questions which players should ask, the answers to which will be most useful to the player.

The given casino chat questions you will need before you take the bonus will help you find out a few very important points:

  • Can you tell me if I've registered before? I want to avoid creating a multi-account

There are so many online casinos nowadays that it's hard to remember which account was created and where (maybe even someone has created one with the use of your email). So, there is nothing wrong with such a question. But if you take a bonus and then it turns out that you've registered in the casino before, the gambling establishment has the right to cancel all winnings. And that's exactly what it's likely to do.

  • Is the bonus valid for my region?

It also happens that casino promotions are for certain countries or even regions. And this, of course, is very frustrating if you are lucky to win, and when you withdraw, you find out about the rule that excludes the player's country from the territorial distribution of the bonus offer.

  • What is the wager on the bonus? Is there a wager on the deposit?

Some casinos create bonus conditions that require wagering not only for the bonus, but also the funds deposited to receive it. Of course, it is very unprofitable to "wager" your own money. That is why many players will simply refuse the bonus after learning about such a clause of the rules.

  • In what games bonus is not wagering?

There are categories of games in which the RTP is high, and the casino visitor has a much better chance of completing a wager requirement. For example, table card games, video poker. Operators of gambling entertainment is unprofitable to give out bonus chips on them because it will lead to losses of the establishment in a long run.

There may be a rule that allows games in this category to count towards wagering a small percentage of the total result. But such wagering requires a lot of time, which makes it irrational.

Also, wagering is often not allowed for slots with high payouts or certain features in the functionality. So, it is very important to know the answer to this question when playing for a bonus to avoid disputes and unfounded claims in the future.

  • What are the limits on the withdrawal in casino?

In the rules of the casino prescribed time limits and restrictions on the amounts they adhere to the withdrawal of winnings by the player. And they do not always coincide with the wishes of the latter. Of course, rating institutions now strive for instant withdrawal, but situations are different, and it would be good to know about the terms if you do not like long waiting for winning. Anyway, if you learn that the time interval indicated by the casino is not very pleasant for you, you should not panic and write on all forums that such operator is a "scammer" and does not allow to withdraw winnings. Everyone has their own requirements and conditions.

  • What documents do I need to verify my account?

It is best to not only find out the conditions of verification in the casino, but also to pass it immediately. That is, learning the list of documents, download them and wait until the end of verification before funding your account with real money. In the case of winning from bonuses, it will not only greatly accelerate the withdrawal process, but also will not give casinos a reason to pick on some details to delay the payment or cancel it altogether.

  • Has my account been verified?

Not only try to get a confirmation of the completion of verification, but also check this point with the support team. Believe me, there are no unnecessary questions to the support team, especially regarding the rules of bonuses, withdrawals and deposits, and even more so when it comes to checking documents.

Be sure to fix all the answers casino support screenshots. If a misunderstanding or conflict with the gambling site, the screenshots will be very useful to you.

No matter how the claim will be resolved: with the participation of the licensing authority, with ADR or another resource that contributes to the solution of disputes with the casino. If you have screenshots of the response from the helpdesk, it will be possible to quickly prove your case. Therefore, when filing a complaint, they must be attached in addition to the text.


Responsive and qualified customer support chat, able to answer all arising questions - an important indicator of the gambling establishment. Now you know what you must pay attention to before depositing in the casino and play for real money.

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