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Stampery, BitNotarize Simplify Document Notarization Using Blockchain

(Correction: Nathan Wosnack's statement has been corrected. “With e-notaries who are official notary publics..."  has been changed to “With e-notaries who are official notaries public,...")

Blockchain technology continues to witness rising interest across multiple industries. While different sectors are exploring the technology to discover relevant use cases, Stampery and BitNotarize have used the blockchain to simplify notarization of documents.


Stampery, a San Francisco-based company that leverages blockchain technology to bring to the market digital data notarization, released its services to the public recently.

Daniele Levi, CEO of Stampery, told IBTimes UK that the company’s main user groups comprises of lawyers dealing in sensitive documents. He said that there were three types of users emerging:

  • Lawyers looking to certify documents
  • Creatives using it to establish rights ownership
  • Businesses generating prior art of their intellectual property

Levi cited one example saying, "We were speaking to one Spanish lawyer who said this makes his life very easy. He receives a lot of documents, he does a lot of due diligence. He would receive documents on a CD which he would take to a Spanish notary to prove this was the set of documents he received on this specific day.”

"Now he just makes a zip of the documents as soon as he receives them and he drag and drops this zip to Stampery, and he has irrefutable proof this was the set of documents he received on a specific day.”

The company recently rolled out its iOS app to the public which will enable users to quickly stamp any photos, voice notes or files.

Our iOS app brings us closer to the idea that we can allow every person on earth to notarize any set of data, communication or file they want immediately”, Levi said at the time.

Stampery in November announced the closing of a financing round of $600k, led by Draper & Associates with Boost VC, Blockchain Capital and angel investor Di-Ann Eisnor, head of Growth at Waze.


Last month, Ubitquity LLC launched a new Blockchain-based notary platform BitNotarize in alpha. The platform will allow people to upload and keep their documents on the Blockchain.

The company explains that the UBITQUITY Platform brings the blockchain into the real world and helps to prevent fraudulent conveyance on property while allowing for an improvement on the settling of claims, and the tracking the record of ownership across the entire real estate industry.

The platform offers various notary services on the Blockchain which would enable a user to sign a document anywhere, CoinTelegraph explained. It can be used along with a traditional notary system, ensuring additional security and reliability.

Nathan Wosnack, CEO of Ubitquity, told CoinTelegraph that they’re “partnering with e-notary companies so they could become an official part of a notary organization that is approved by the US notaries”.

“With e-notaries who are official notaries public, our service can be used to add an extra layer of document veracity and security to the doc,  giving it 100% proof it was signed and stamped with the power of the Blockchain”.

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