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Slash Business Expenses in The Digital Age

Written by: James Carnell

As an entrepreneur, you have certainly discovered that keeping expenses at a minimum is half of what makes your company profitable. A difficulty arises in that the digital age has so transformed the workplace, assumptions and procedures of today's world that it is hard to know the best way to cut costs without harming productivity and efficiency. Fortunately, the very forces that have made cost-cutting essential have also provided some brand-new methods for successfully slashing your business expenses.

Cut Your Phone Bill to Zero

When cell phone companies and internet providers insist on contracts and add up the options for your service—especially your business number—expenses really add up. What if there were a way you could pay almost nothing for your business phone? The solution is VoIP, voice over Internet Protocol. A traditional, no-frills landline charges about $500 annually. When you use your cell phone for work, it can run over $2000. Multiply those expenses times the number of workers who use their cell phones to conduct your business. If you use basic VoIP, the only charges you face may be fees and taxes, which are minimal.

Time Is Still Money

Few things are more toxic to the morale of employees than constantly reminding them they should be working. If you really want to get the best use out of the time your employees invest in their jobs, here is a list of things to help turn that time you gain into savings:

  • Make certain your workers focus on the most important tasks and accomplish them first.

  • Establish timelines and deadlines for the task you want to be finished first. Then employees know the task is important enough that it must be completed by a set time.

  • Give workers time to rest. It's not only the law but helps to increase productivity as well.

  • As the boss, make sure that you set a good example of time management through your own organizational skills.

Tie Into AI

From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, every technological advance has had one thing in common: it saves time compared to the way things were accomplished before that technology was invented. The greatest example of this is just now coming into existence: artificial intelligence. There are many simple ways your company can tie into AI and, in doing so, save time, reduce your effort and save money.

Cutting costs, saving energy and increasing productivity are the hallmarks of the new digital age.

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