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Microsoft Surface Book 3: New machine to get Microsoft’s newest technology for faster charging time; Price, specs and features details

Photo by: Microsoft Surface/Facebook

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is the latest version of the Surface Laptop, and while technology enthusiasts are already looking forward to this device, information about it is still scarce. Most of the available details were posted from comparisons to the old versions and prediction of experts, but many of their statements could be true after all.

It is expected that the Microsoft Surface Book 3 will be one another high-end machine that will come packed with great features, new materials, and hardware. It is also certain that it will be the best version of its predecessors as major improvements in the new laptop is already a given.

Features and specifications

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is said to be fitted with the Nvidia’s GeForce GTX1050 or the latest edition of this graphic processing unit. With this alone, it was noted that this third-gen Surface book would be perfect for gaming. With this support, the game will come out more alive for a great and interactive gaming experience.

There might be the AMD version for Microsoft Surface Book 3 as well. If this will be the option, the unit will have the Ice Lake processor from Intel. Moreover, this will be powered by a Picasso 12nm SoC that will really enhance the graphics of any game.

For connectivity, the Surface Book 3 will be fitted with USB-C ports and perhaps, Thunderbolt too. The unit may be sold in two sizes of 13.5-inch and 15-inch. With the improved ports, faster transfer speeds are something to look forward to. Plus, ample storage of up to 16GB of RAM and 256 GB will be available as options.

Fast charging time

Microsoft Surface Book 3 may be fitted with a long-life battery, but charging will be faster than ever. It was said that Microsoft has been working on developing a system to improve the Surface's charging method.

They want it to make it more efficient but fast, so the company devised a system called “Parallel Charging and Discharging of Batteries with Disparate Characteristics.” the tech company applied for a patent for this charging method.

Price and release date

Microsoft Surface Book 3 may be sold starting at $1,499 up to $2,299, depending on the size and features. The release date is predicted for November of this year.

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