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Litecoin Roadmap 2016 suggests major overhaul

The Litecoin Association in cooperation with the Litecoin Core development team has put forward the 2016 Litecoin Road Map, which outlines recent developments and lays out future plan.

Among other things, the document says that the Litecoin Association, in collaboration with its attorney Rishi Nair (Nair Law LLC, Chicago Illinois), has drafted organization bylaws, which provide the governance in which the association operates. It also stated that following the hack of, a replacement for the platform has been in the works and a number of alternative platforms have been considered.

“Following the deployment of a new and improved LitecoinTalk community and the enactment of our bylaws, membership to the organization will re-open”, it said. With the opening of the membership, a fee structure will also be in place.

Speaking about the ongoing trademark fight, the Litecoin Association emphasized that it aims to secure the trademark and release the mark into public domain so that its control will not be held by an ill-intentioned individual. In addition, it also revealed that a new website is being developed, saying:

“With so many changes occurring within the association, a new website is in development and it will be deployed with a more flexible, adaptable, and easily managed infrastructure. We intend to make better use of the domain as an official communication tool for the community”.

It further said that Litecoin Core v0.13.x will be a major release, which will feature several protocol level improvements, code optimizations, the ability to roll out several soft forks at once, and the much anticipated segregated witness innovation. Developers aim to have this version released by September or October.

The Litecoin Association also provided updates on LoafWallet, a standalone Litecoin client designed and built for iOS; Electrum-LTC, a fast, free, secure, and popular wallet option; LiteTip, the official Litecoin tipbot built for use across social media platforms; open source project Litecoin Node;, a wallet run by Litecoin Association developer Chris; and Litecoinaverage, which released last month and can now be utilized in assisting many businesses adopt Litecoin.

In addition, the association also revealed plans to boost accessibility of Litecoin to new consumers through Lamassu ATMs. It said:

“The Litecoin Association will be porting Litecoin over to the very successful Lamassu ATMs. This will help improve accessibility to new Litecoin consumers, and together with mobile wallets, will make it easier for more and more new users to enter the Litecoin market. This project will work alongside Bitcoin on the ATM, and the ATM operator will be able to change what cryptocurrencies they accept.”

Litecoin is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization ($207.65 million, according to latest estimates from

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