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How to choose the perfect carpet for your home

To choose an ideal carpet for your home you must take into account factors such as quality, design and size. Bypassing these details can lead you to make a misguided decision.

Choosing the perfect carpet for your home is not an easy task . Although many varieties are currently available, certain concerns almost always arise before purchase.

The carpet is a decorative element that is still valid as a complement to bring elegance to the home.

What should you consider to buy carpet? There are many factors that you should not overlook. Although the market is wide and offers very interesting options, it is good that you take into account from its style to its quality.

Tips for choosing the perfect carpet for your home

It is good that you look for some information before making a purchase decision. The idea is that this element meets all the necessary characteristics so that your home looks warm and elegant at the same time.

In addition, beyond their design and color, it is good to consider the material with which they are manufactured , their ability to resist stains and how well it combines with the other decorative elements of the house. After choosing carpet, don't forget to shampooing carpet regularly.

Suitable size

Carpet are available in many shapes and sizes. Manufacturers not only think about the diversity of tastes, but in the different spaces in which they are usually used.

For this reason, if what you are looking for is that they adapt well to a specific space in your home, you should try to choose an appropriate size. If you don't take care of the proportions the result may be unsightly or that feeling that something is still missing.

To be safer at the time of purchase, the ideal is to take some preliminary measures of the place. Thus, estimating more or less the space it will occupy, you guarantee that they fit the place perfectly.

Opt for quality and good style

A carpet whose fabrics are high quality brings a lot of style to the house . Although their prices are a bit high compared to ordinary varieties, they are much more elegant and fine.

The most popular rugs on the market are those that come from Muslim and Eastern countries. In these regions the best weaving techniques have been developed throughout history, and they continue to be the main production center.

Some of the carpets you can pick for your home are:

  1. Persians: they are characterized by their vivid colors and their curvilinear and floral drawings.
  2. Pakistanis: they have geometric designs and their tones are more neutral.
  3. Caucasian: they use cotton as their raw material and are much softer.
  4. Indian: made of sheep wool and silk, following the Hindu style.
  5. Afghan: made of silk, with designs in curves, dynamic lines and reddish tones.
  6. Nepalese: they are small and have linear designs that combine neutral and warm colors .

Take into account your materials

The fabrics of the different types of upholstery are different and each one has its charm. These may vary depending on their origin and, of course, their quality. Although there are currently dozens of materials used in its manufacture, the most prominent are still the following:

Natural: cotton or wool.

Natural materials are the best option. These fabrics, although they require a little care and maintenance, are very elegant and striking.

Synthetics: PVC, vinyl, naylon or polyethylene

The carpets that are made with this type of materials are usually used in outdoor spaces or kitchens. Its cleaning and conservation is much simpler,since the materials do not absorb almost dirt and are resistant to water.

Choose a good texture

Whether the texture of the carpet is adequate or not depends on where it will be located. If the place chosen is the kitchen, it is best to choose one whose surface is slightly smooth and resistant to liquids.

For the terraces it is convenient to acquire a fabric that can help clean the shoes before entering the house again. In addition, those with soft textures and natural materials are very good in the interior spaces.

Some interesting textures are:

  1. Hair (synthetic).
  2. Fringes
  3. Smooth

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