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How to bring more clients to your business with the help of online marketing

Did you know that with the help of a free website builder, every business owner can create a user-friendly business website in less than an hour? But is a beautiful website a guarantee of success? It’s not enough, but it’s a very good start.

Websites are mandatory for most businesses. But these days, you need much more than just a web address. You need strategies and techniques to bring people to your website. Indeed, people go online to search for everything nowadays, but how can you attract them to your website and convert them into clients? This is where online marketing comes to help. Here are some online marketing strategies to get your business going in this digital world.

Social media is king

Yes, having a website is great, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t back it up by social media. Social media has increasingly become a part of our daily lives. When it comes to marketing your business, both small and large, online or offline, nothing comes close to social media in terms of effectiveness, accuracy, and tracking. Marketing today goes beyond creating a website and leaving it be. Nowadays, you need to use social media to drive more traffic and sales to your website.

With social media, you can create multiple accounts on different platforms and start interacting with your audience there. Another advantage of social media is that it can even help you attract more customers, but make sure your content is relevant to your audience.

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you can establish a presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to make sure that your existing and potential customers can:

  1. Post reviews (positive reviews can convert regular visitors into followers and invariably loyal customers)
  2. Find information about your business (relevant content can draw potential customers, but if they can't reach you, then, it is a wasted effort)
  1. Ask questions (both potential and existing customers can stay in touch with you)
  2. Read your blog posts or product reviews (people can find answers to their worries through your informative posts).

Also, don’t neglect marketing apps which can help you achieve your goals faster and in a more effective way. You can find a website builder platform, like WebDo, which offers all the tools you need to market your website, in just one place.

Guest posting

Another wonderful technique to draw traffic to your business website is through guest posting. Did you know that you can create engaging blog content and post it on high-ranking websites? High ranking websites receive loads of visitors and traffic every day. Examples of some popular high-ranking sites include Forbes, WebMD, Quora,, Wikipedia, and others. Guest Posting has helped many small and large companies by bringing more customers and clients to their businesses. If you sell a product, for instance, you can create interesting content (infographic, blog posts, video content, photos, or even memes) which is then posted on a high-ranking website. The catch here is that your website’s link may be placed naturally somewhere within the content so that when people read or view the content, they can visit your website through the anchor, CTA, or keyword you've used.

Paid advertising

If you have the budget for it, this can be a fast route to bring more customers to your business. It is no secret that some websites attract a large audience, so paying to get your ads placed on these sites may be a smart move. Advertising, especially well-targeted advertising, still serves its purpose, and for Internet ads it is much easier to track your ROI than for television or print ads. So instead of paying some broadcasting services for advertisements, you can actually embrace the system of PPC.

Create Email Campaigns

An email campaign is a perfect way of reminding existing customers who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer. Make sure that there is something your reader can find helpful in each email blast, like a new product, a holiday special, an informative blog post, or even a product demo video.

Need some help getting started? Remember that an effective newsletter has value for the customer. If your email isn’t providing value, it won’t help increase your conversions. To create your email campaigns, you should try incorporating a catchy CTA in your website, and remember to give back something to subscribers because people are more likely to subscribe to your email list if they know they are getting something in return.

Give out free things

People love free things! The sound of a giveaway is indeed music to most peoples’ ears – and that doesn’t always mean giving money away. This could also mean having a sale with generous discounts, offering coupon codes, referral benefits, and more. If your business deals with physical products, it could mean providing an exceptional product guarantee. If you sell digital products or services like e-books and courses, try letting people have the first chapter or lesson for free.

Work with influencers

Influencers are reputable individuals who have established a sense of belief and trust with their audience. Whatever your business is about, the chances are that there is at least a certain influencer with whom you share a similar audience. If you want to attract more people to your business, all you have to do is collaborate with influencers from your niche. For example, if a fashion influencer writes or posts content about a beauty product, a significant number of followers will buy the product. Many influencers have attained these results based on years of passing out relevant information, so when they speak, their audiences follow.

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